Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 2


Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 2

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Volume Two

Another collection of the most amazing magic, using silks, ropes, matches, dice, cards and more. See the audience blown away by a simple prop you probably already own-the“Spectral Silk.” Then learn from one of the finest teachers of magic in the world how you, too, can get these reactions! You will also learn “A Knotty Problem”-an Al Baker classic brought right up to date with Daryl’s personal handling. And, for the first time ever on video, Daryl performs and explains the very first trick he invented (and still one of his personal favorites!)


“The Moveless Miracle.”

Chinese Matches (Dai Vernon)

Vanishing and Reappearing Knots (Daryl)

Spectral Silk (J.C. Wagner)

Milliken’s Transposition (Harry Milliken)

The Hindu Thread Trick (Al Baker)

Matched Spellout (Dai Vernon)

Rope Decapitation (Tenkai)

Ropes Through Body (Harold Rice, Daryl)

Dicey Dots (Daryl)

Moveless Miracle (Daryl)

Ring, Rope, Wand (Charlie Miller, Daryl)

A Knotty Problem (Al Baker, Daryl)


595.22 MB




Daryl is a very resourceful program manager and he break down the barriers to enable project completion on time. I found Daryl to very approachable and respectful to work with.


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Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 2