Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 3


Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 3

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Volume Three

A hugely entertaining collection of magic using ropes, dice, silks, coins, card, sponge rabbits and more! If you love magic and you love to laugh, you can do no better! Amongst the many mysteries, Daryl performs and teaches “Pyro-Maniact”-a stunning burnt and restored borrowed handkerchief or dinner napkin, that can be prepared in just seconds, and an amazing version of “Four Dice Chink a Chink.” Not only is there no extra die, but the dice also travel in numerical order! But if you are ready for a laugh riot, watch and learn as Daryl performs and explains “Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time!”-probably the funniest sponge routine you will ever witness. You, too, can perform this hilarious masterpiece in just minutes!


Peter Rabbit Hits the Big Time (Daryl)

Four Dice Chink-A-Chink (Bob Barrell)

Follow the Leader (Dai Vernon, Tom Bowers, Daryl)

Three to One Ropes (Martin Lewis, Daryl)

The Tenkai Pennies (Tenkai)

Sliding Knot (Mike Tannen, Daryl)

Back Flip (Sam Schwartz)

Sack’s Dice Routine (Dr. Sack)

Bracelet and Rope Routine (Tony Anverdi, Jack Chanin, Rick Johnsson, Flip, Daryl)

Penetrating Matches (Martin Gardner)

Pyro-Maniact (Karrell Fox)

Crossed Thought


814.42 MB




Daryl is a very resourceful program manager and he break down the barriers to enable project completion on time. I found Daryl to very approachable and respectful to work with.


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Daryl – Fooler Doolers Vol 3