Dave Seiwert – Filipino Kali Kuntao 16 Volumes


Dave Seiwert – Filipino Kali Kuntao 16 Volumes

Salepage : Dave Seiwert – Filipino Kali Kuntao 16 Volumes

Archive : Dave Seiwert – Filipino Kali Kuntao 16 Volumes

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Phase 1: Start with basic punches, kicks, elbows, knees and blocks. empty hand drills, offensive drills, kicking mixed flow drills and blocking drills. You will also learn the Long Range Stick. Basics Strikes, Locks (Meetings and Following Force), Abiniko, Abecedario, Sumbrada, Disarm and Locks with the stick. Also teaches 1st Sayaw (form, kata) empty hand

Phase 2: Starts with Footwork, Blocks, Indenting Jab, Kicks (Stomp, Side, Pendulum), Foot Drag & Sweeps. empty hand beat drills, drums, offensive and defensive groung combat drums Dumog. You will also learn the Single Medium Stick. Falls and shock coils with the stick, Cobra and Strip disarms, Sumbrada drills and Tapi Tapi with the stick. Also teaches 2nd Sayaw (form, kata) using single stick

Kali Phase Series 2Stage 3: Begins with the 4 Corners Drill, Hubud # 2, Jab Series, Destructions, Hook Defense, Footwork, Kicks, Arm Wrenching, Dumog, Strikes Stick Two, Blocks, Block & Strike Drills, Solo Drills and Abecedario. 

Part 2 shows Block & Beat Drills, Joint Lock Reversals, Pass & Spoon # 2, Tapi Tapi, Solo Locks, High & Low Line Falls, Footwork, Entry Drills, Sinawali & Sumbred Drills. Also teaches 3rd Sayaw (form, kata) using double sticks

Phase 4: Part 1 begins with new Panantukan Drills, Hubud # 3, Entry Drills, Dumog 2 and 3, Kicking Drills, Block & Strike Drills, Arm & Leg Locks, Hubud Switches & Sword and Daga 1-3.

Part 2 shows more Filipino Boxing, Dumog 3-6, Cadena de Mano, Striking Ground, High & Low Takedowns Line, DFA Kickboxing and Espada y Daga 4 and 5. Also teaches the 4th Sayaw (form, kata) using Stick & Dagger

Kali Phase Series 3Phase 5: Part 1 begins with Dumog # 7, Pantukan Drills, Hubud Variations, Dumog # 8, Tuloy Tuloy (Chain), Cut Muscle Drills, Long Rod Spins, Twirls, Awesome Angles, Blocks and Abstract Drills.

Part 2 shows Flow Block # 4, Block & Enter Drills, Cadena of Bro # 3, Ground Striking, Highline Takedowns, Lowline Leg Falls, and Ground Fight. Team Blocking, Tapping, Abecedario and Sumbrada Drills. Also teaches 5th Sayaw (form, kata) with Long staff

Stage 6: Part 1 begins with (adding power) Cadena de Mano, we also start on some Pananjakman (low line kicking) drills and introduce “Baiting” techniques for luring and catching. This level features the Dulo Dulo (palm stick), showing basic, counters and drill flow.

Part2 teaches Crank Neck exercises, Takedowns, as well as an empty Sayaw hand. Dulo Dulo counters for Hook, Hook / Cross, the second part of Flow, Hubud (Dulo Dulo) and bonus material with Tactical Baton (1 h 20 min) Disc Set 2

Kali Phase Series 4Phase 7: Shows a new neck flow lock with Coils and Stangles, Tie-ups and removals, Choke application and Panajakman kicks and sweeps.

We work in the empty hand against a knife, blocks, evasions, drills, flow drills and applications.

Phase 8: Shows how to deal with combined attacks, tie-ups and falls. Knive vs knife attacks, exercises and techniques.


David Seiwert has been studying, teaching and training in a wide range of martial arts from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines since he was 12 years old.

He is currently retired from the engineering field and regularly travels to Southeast Asia to further increase his knowledge and understanding of these indigenous arts.

When not traveling he spends his time teaching, giving seminars, writing books (found on Amazon) and producing videos about the fighting systems of these regions.

For more information or training material on the martial arts you can contact me by email or please check our website.


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Dave Seiwert – Filipino Kali Kuntao 16 Volumes