David Hedgcock – Hedgcock Angles Vol 1


David Hedgcock – Hedgcock Angles Vol 1

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David Hedgcock teaches his unique system of padwork, boxing and kickboxing skills.
The Hedgcock Angles system has proven results in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
Maurice Smith and Sam Soliman feature with Dave in this instructional program that is a must have for all fighters.
Dave ‘The Rock’ Hedgcock in the past four-time world champion in kickboxing, had 78 fights of which only lost to 3.
Currently, Dave – a famous coach, trained a few champions Australia and world champions.
Among the students of Dave’s famous athletes such as Maurice Smith, Stan ‘The Man’ Longanidis, Lester Ellis, Sam Soliman, Alex Toohey, Dana Goodson and Tosca Petridis.
In this video Dave presents his technique of working on the feet, through which he teaches special combat tactics.
The basis of the tactics of Dave in action is a change of angle of attack to bypass the enemy’s flank and goes back.
On the basis of these tactics, he demonstrates a combination of boxing, kickboxing and MMA.
At the end of video shows the use of this tactic for self-defense.
Taken well, there is a plan view, which helps to understand the technique of displacement.
In this video Dave assisted by his student numerous champion in kickboxing and MMA Maurice Smith .



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David Hedgcock – Hedgcock Angles Vol 1