David Roth – The David Roth Lecture


David Roth – The David Roth Lecture

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This DVD contains a live recording of expert coin magician, David Roth’s lecture. David not only shows his legendary skills, but also thoroughly teaches the moves and routines. So given time and practice, you also can be an expert in coin magic.

David Roth, considered to be among the world’s best coin magicians, presents his lecture for magicians on this 90 minutes (approx.) DVD. 

The contents include:

Coins Across

One Coin Routine

The Eraser Coin

Coins Across

Copper Sandwich (Slot Box)

Plus a brilliant non-coin Three Ball Routine

In among the explanations, There’s detail for learning the Retention Pass and a perfect teaching of the Roll – Up Move.

A must for all coin & close-up workers.

709.31 MB




David Roth (born 1952, New York City) is an American magician widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest living coin magicians.[1] Roth was an important contributor to Richard Kaufman’s Coinmagic, an influential text on contemporary coin technique; his major work was chronicled in David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic, a book co-written with Richard Kaufman. Roth is now associated with Fantasma magic, a magic manufacturing and retail company in New York City.


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David Roth – The David Roth Lecture