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Dear Friend,

Did you know the harder you have to work, the less successful you’ll be?

This is because if you have to use discipline and willpower to be successful, then it’s likely you’re not on the right path in life.

Because when you’re on the right path, you enjoy what you’re doing and success becomes practically effortless.

You don’t have to force yourself to work or stick to a schedule.

You don’t need to watch motivational videos to pump yourself up.

Success becomes almost effortless.

This is how entrepreneurial greats like Bill Gates manage to build billion dollar companies from scratch from their dorm rooms.

It’s how sporting legends reach the pinnacle of success, win Olympic gold medals, and break records.

It’s how you become really great at something, get to the top, and more importantly, enjoy the view when you get there.

This is why I’ve put together my new course, PURPOSE.

In PURPOSE, I’m going to bring you on a journey of self-discovery where you’re going to look deep inside yourself and discover your calling in life.



David Tian, Ph.D., is director of Aura Transformation and a uniquely qualified international specialist in human behavior, emotional and social intelligence, masculinity, relationships, and a global educator, researcher, philosopher, and author.


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David Tian – Purpose