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We’ve actually trained hundreds of students between myself and Yad since we established Daygame Blueprint. And we received consensus feedback on a specific aspect of each bootcamp. The vast majority of students reported that this was the component of the bootcamp that resulted in breakthroughs and quantum jumps in their game. Many people thought this was the most beneficial portion of their bootcamp. It’s the bootcamp’s infield breakdown session. Students could learn exactly what they could do to improve by observing themselves in action and picking apart where they were performing well and poorly. When I kept hearing this after EVERY bootcamp, I realized we had to do something about it.

That’s how Daygame Immersion came to be. In a perfect scenario, we would review each student’s infield film and provide cutting-edge commentary as he progressed.

However, the bulk of the hundreds of students I’ve coached have overlapping problems in their game, such as a lack of powerful body language, being much too polite and complimentary, acting like a clown and continuously chatting, and a few more.

So we carefully chose six men with a variety of the most common sticking points we’d encountered and coached them for a week. This curriculum was run by Yad, the world’s BEST Daygamer and instructor. EVERY DAY, we documented the kids’ travel as well as the INFIELD breakdown session.

These sessions transformed the six pupils in unforeseen ways. What’s even better is that you can use it as your Daygame bible. We captured every common Daygame stumbling block you can think of. And Yad had a remedy for each and every one of them.


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