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Killing Giants DVDThis material should only be viewed by persons 18 years and older.
The C.S.P.T.has just released a new DVD on Advanced Tactical Application with weapons.
This is an action packed DVD dealing with real world weapons violence.
This DVD is unique in the world of martial arts training in that it shows the “total reality of fighting with weapons.
“In this DVD you will learn unique methodologies developed by the the areas of:
* How to go beyond sparring to develop your skills for a “real life” weapons encounter.
* How weapon characteristics change what a real world attack would be like.
* Advanced training structures for implementing sticks, knives, chains and projectiles.
* Supportive training methods for hitting with power, footwork, throwing and more.
This DVD lays out a structural program which can be adopted by any school, organization or style for any weapons application.


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Demi Barbito – Killing Giants