Dog Brothers – Real Contact Stick Fighting Vol.2


Dog Brothers – Real Contact Stick Fighting Vol.2

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Bring the fight to your opponent with triangular footwork. Now that you
can hit hard with what you’ve learned in the first Video, you are ready
for the next step — FOOTWORK. This footwork is based on the Pekiti
Tersia system. Because the very name “Pekiti Tersia” means “close
quarters” in the ILONGO dialect of the Philippines, the system places
considerable emphasis on closing footwork.
With this Video you learn
to move on the outside, create an opening, close and finish your
opponent. If you can do this in stickfighting-imagine how effectively
you will close empty handed! The Video finishes with a professional
woodworker discussing the different types of fighting sticks and a
section on what you should know about fighting gear.
This series is
aimed at the application side of the Art. Each of the six Videos in the
series focuses on a particular aspect of real fighting skill. Throughout
these Videos the teaching is illustrated by real fights. These fights
are not tournament “full contact stickfighting” pillow fights that you
may have seen, but “Real Contact Stickfighting” as done by the recently
surfaced underground group “The Dog Brothers”. Under Real Contact rules,
EVERYTHING short of deliberately putting your opponent in the hospital
is allowed – any stick techniques, punching, kickboxing, elbowing,
kneeing, headbutting, trapping, throwing, grappling, locking, and
choking are all allowed against anywhere on the body. Seeing how the
material taught in these tapes is applied in real time will deeply
accelerate your learning. 85 min. Video in ENGLISH Language



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Dog Brothers – Real Contact Stick Fighting Vol.2