don Oscar Miro-Quesada – The Path of the Universal Shaman Advanced Intensive



don Oscar Miro-Quesada – The Path of the Universal Shaman Advanced Intensive

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What You’ll Discover in These 8 Months

Each LIVE teaching, practice and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to engage universal shamanic teachings with clarity, rigor and transformative power.

Module 1: Wiñay Nuna/Growing A Soul:
The Art of Self-Transformation as Vocation


During this first session – bonded in healing vision, harmonized by the shared intention to serve, and empowered through our yearning to walk The Path of a Universal Shaman – you, Oscar and the global community will plant a divine seed of reverence and conscious evolutionary presence within the body of our beloved Earth Mother, Pachamama.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • An overview of historical and mythological roots of indigenous Peruvian healing practices and their relevance to the Path of the Universal Shaman
  • A review of the cosmovision and ritual configuration of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) shamanic altar ground as a sacred mirror of Self, nature and culture

Guided Process:

  • The Seven Winds of Creation – a shamanic invocation for the deepening of soul consciousness in our lives

We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing…
a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use.

– Plotinus

Module 2: Wichaypi Samaypaq
The Above: Fount of Inspiration
(7/9, 7/16, 7/23)

In this module, you will learn to access the unlimited creativity and sacred dreaming of your human imagination – so that your spirit soars like Condor and Eagle, awakened in vision to the blessings of Great Spirit. Inspired by the shamanic mastery of bygone eras, when the gods and humans walked hand-in-hand sanctifying our Earth, you will learn how to make your heavenly dreams a consecrated reality in your life. You will learn to honor THE ABOVE as a Fount of Inspiration, so that celestial realms open to indigenous peoples shall become entrusted to you as an initiate of the Great Work.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • Apprenticeship in the cosmic energies known as K’anchay, Sami and Kawsay comprising the shamanic universe of ancestral Heart Island (South America) peoples
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration of an Arte Maestra (Master Shamanic Medicine Embodiment piece) within the North area of your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • The Power of Word: mentorship in the sacred arts of summoning, conjuring, evocation, invocation and decree for the benevolent spiritual intercession from Unseen Realms
  • The delivery of K’anchay (Light Energy) for spiritual harmonization and expansion of your Luminous Body

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The use of Ensueño (Magical Flight), for extending your consciousness beyond the boundaries of time/space, applied to absentee healing

Anything that is more than what you essentially require
for survival is the beginning of Blessing.

– don Oscar

Module 3: Uraypi Mihuchiypaq
The Below: Vessel of Sustenance
(8/6, 8/13, 8/20)

By courageously embracing the often shadowy labyrinthine inner regions of your soul, you will receive the profoundly transformational medicine of Boa and Anaconda, revered shamanic allies who will teach you to shed outmoded beliefs and behavior. In releasing the thin skin covering of your wounds and allowing the dismemberment of past betrayals to be received back into the womb of Mother Nature, you will emerge as a Vessel of Sustenance from THE BELOW, offering living nurturance to the Great Sacred Hoop of Life.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • By exploring the similarity between shamanic initiation and the process of alchemical transmutation, you are able to emerge from the narrow shell of your personal ego, transcending the illusory finitude of an encapsulated self – freeing yourself from the pull of greed and the push of fear
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration of a Purun Illa (Ancestral Wisdom Embodiment piece) within the South area your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • Mastering Ukhupacha (Interior/Lower World) journeywork for determining the source of dis-ease and/or imbalance in one’s life
  • The delivery of Kawsay (Vital Life Force) for bodily/physical harmonization and balanced expression in the world

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The Pachamama Renewal Process – a core PMT practice for establishing conscious relationship with the elemental sentience of Earth (Allpa), Water (Unu), Air (Wayra), Fire (Nina) and Aether (Qosqo-Nuna Kallpa)

If you bring forth what is within you,
What you bring forth will save you.
If you don’t bring forth what is within you,
What you don’t bring forth will destroy you.

– Gospel of St. Thomas

Module 4: Qhepapi Amachaqepaq
The Behind: Mantle of Protection
(9/3, 9/10, 9/17)

In this module you will learn to call upon the assistance of guardian and protector spirits from near and far, and, in turn, move more peacefully in fulfillment of your transformational calling as a Universal Shaman. You’ll discover the shamanic shielding art of using reflective surfaces – such as the mirroring swath of Magi, Wizard and Shamanic Hierophant of days past, and how to honorably cloak yourself with the Mantle of Protection of THE BEHIND. You will be initiated into the mythical ways of Phoenix, Dragon and Feathered Serpent, so that all ill desire and intended harm is repelled 10-fold in power, sent back to the origin from whence it was cast forth. Such is the law of reciprocal causation that you begin mastering in this shamanic art of protection.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • Harnessing the luminous logos of galactic, planetary and internal solar effluences – applied to the bio-psychic transformation of fear and mistrust present in human-kind
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration of a Noqani Enqa (I AM Embodiment piece), within the Southeast quadrant of your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • Apprenticeship in the ritual use of salt and sulfur for protection from lower astral influences brought about through extended periods of worry, fear and discord in one’s life, and resulting in the accumulation of Hucha (Vibrational Density)
  • The ceremonial art of Hucha Mikhuy: an energetic “digesting” and “excreting” of vibrational density related to magical fright, evil eye and other forms of severe stress

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The gathering and preparation of ingredients for the creating a Resguardo – a protective talisman for one’s personal wear or to give another for immunity against ill fortune

The dream of destroying evil
is only a reflection of the sense of despair
which comes from loss of faith.

– Franz Kafka

Module 5: Chinpapi Pusaypaq
The Before: Cresset of Guidance
(10/8, 10/15, 10/22)

In this module, you will learn to gaze trustingly into the great Unknown, arching forward with curious abandon and childlike surprise for what is yet to come. Learn to observe the world with patience and precision, distinguishing between that you can correct and that which you cannot. Beckoned by the serendipitous flight of Siwar Q’enti (Royal Hummingbird) you will align yourself to higher and deeper levels of being, and thereby, become part of them – accessing the Cresset of Guidance awaiting in THE BEFORE.

In the unfolding journey of your desired future, you will learn to seek guidance from the original Instructions received by our Turtle Island (North America) brothers and sisters. With each breath and heartbeat you will learn how to enter the true line of tradition, and awaken the shared beauty walk founded upon the infallible wisdom that “If it is not good for everyone, it is not good,” – which is our Seven Generation legacy.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • Overview of the five most respected skills associated with the practice of contemporary Peruvian curanderismo: Curacion, Viaje con Sombra, Rastreo, Ajuste and Florecimiento
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration a Siwar Q’enti Khuye (Royal Hummingbird Embodiment piece) within the North area of your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • Activating and expanding your Poqpo (Pranic Energy Bubble) into the surrounding environment as a merging in vitality with our Earth’s biosphere
  • Mastery of Hampicamayoq breathwork for establishing sympathetic resonance Upper, Middle and Lower shamanic worlds

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The Art of Capnomancy for divining past causes, present options and future expectations based on reading the directional flow of incense smoke placed in a container within our Pachakuti Mesa altar ground

The path comes into existence only when we observe it.

– Werner Heisenberg

Module 6: Lloqe Ch’uyanchaypaq
The Left: Crucible of Purification
(11/5, 11/12, 11/19)

There is nothing literally and metaphorically more purifying than clear, crystalline, unadulterated water born from the glacial streams, flowing from ancestrally venerated mountain tops, gathered from subterranean aquifers and untouched by the light of day. All ritual arts of purification also serve as baptism – a rebirth and renewal – a fresh discovery of Self in relationship to the vast ocean of our surrounding world. In this module, taking the lead from the primal aquatic dance of Dolphin and Whale, which purifies our human senses, you will learn to transform the toxicity of your past through the Crucible of Purification in THE LEFT.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • An exploration of how ritualized Confessionals have been used by shamanic peoples world-wide in the sustenance of personal integrity and healthy social cohesion
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration of a Killa Rumi (Lunar Consciousness Embodiment piece) within the West area of your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • Engaging the transformational medicine of Mama Killa (Mother Moon) for the peaceful release of constricted behavioral patterns
  • Training in the Objective Other Dialogue Process to reclaim one’s power in the removal of any “attaching entities” and/or unwanted presences experienced within one’s bioenergetic field

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The sacramental use of aromatic waters, feathers, staffs and tobacco/sage for clearing mental blockages, states of emotional constriction and fear-based body armoring

The only difference between poison and medicine is dose.

– Paracelsus

Module 7: Paña Kallpapaq
The Right: Scepter of Power
(12/3, 12/10, 12/17)

As we further welcome the universality of shamanism as an evolutionary gift to humankind, we simultaneously acknowledge the primacy of consciousness behind the phenomenal world. All learning is a constant process of becoming, and all knowledge an ongoing state of being – that when brought into sacred partnership – allows your experience of healing to be revealed as a dynamic restoration of harmony and balance in life. This is the medicine way of Puma and Jaguar, tutelary animal custodians that embody the life-affirming blessings of Taita Inti (Father Sun), whose befriending honors the Scepter of Power bestowed from THE RIGHT.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • Introduction to the ethnospiritual worldview – which has informed the pre-Inka, Inka and contemporary mestizo healing traditions of Kamasaqa Curanderismo
  • Guidance on selection, empowerment and ceremonial integration of a Inti Rumi (Solar Consciousness Embodiment piece) within the East area of your Pachakuti Mesa altar ground


  • Instruction in the ceremonial creation of a pendulum based on activation of higher mental functioning applied to PMT shamanic diagnosis and treatment of body, heart, spirit, mind and soul imbalances
  • The use of sacred sound-makers for harmonized restoration of physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological conditions of being

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • Cloud Busting – a key practice in shamanic psychokinesis

It is the mind that maketh good or ill, that maketh retch or happy, rich or poor.

– Edmund Spenser

Module 8: Ukhupi Yuyariypaq
The Within: Altar of Re-Membering
(1/7, 1/14, 1/21)

As Universal Shamans initiated into the soul-infused cosmovision of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, you will learn to walk a beauty path of teaching love by the way you live. Serving the great web of life you embody the nobility of the Llama and Alpaca. Such is your medicine, the fertile garden where the progression of your soul is in blossom, where the light from Above is received without shadow upon the Below.

Your Story becomes about trusting soul; your Journey about honoring spirit; your Truth about opening heart; your Power about transforming mind; your Service about healing body; your Legacy about awakening belongingness; our Destiny about evolving presence. These Seven Pillars of perennial wisdom can now find exquisite expression as the mystical Sacred Cube, the Altar of our Re-Membering and universal revelation of THE WITHIN.

Wisdom Transmissions:

  • Mastering the five C’s of Ceremony used in Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism
  • Advanced guidance on the multiple uses of a Misarumi as an Axis Mundi (hyperspace portal, Center Pole, etc.) as a passageway between all three shamanic worlds


  • Embodying sacred reciprocity (Ayni) as the “law of right returns” and balanced dualism behind all shamanic ritual practice
  • Using one’s Misarumi (PMT Center piece) as a means of transmitting our Universal Shaman lineage to open-hearted trusted others

Advanced Shamanic Tool:

  • The creation of a Curandero’s Ofrenda (Shamanic Give-Away) – an unconditional offering of a love-infused medicine gift for the world

Sacred space is where reverence constructs the future more and better than where reverence sings nostalgia for the past.

– Paulo Soleri

Module 9: Kutipuysapa
The Return: Temple of Service
(2/4, 2/11, 2/18)

This final module is an interactive overview of shamanic tools apprenticed, which will allow don Oscar to provide more intimate personal guidance on their use in your daily life. Sessions shall include selected readings offered by don Oscar, question and answer opportunities focused on enhancing mastery of course material, possible medicine songs (known as curandero tarjos) and/or guided visualization processes to foster experiential integration of shamanic knowledge covered.

The soul entices, the mind apprehends, the spirit awakens, the heart delights,
the body dances, the universe celebrates, the Self, as World, benefits…
such is the healing journey of a Universal Shaman.

– don Oscar Miro-Quesada

The Universal Shaman Introductory Program
is included!

The Advanced Intensive builds upon the core teachings from Oscar’s Path of the Universal Shaman 7-module course. When you purchase the full Advanced Intensive course, you get access to this powerful foundational program as well! You can complete this material at your leisure but it’s better to do so before the teachings in the 8 months begin.

7-Module Audio Training
The Path of the Universal Shaman
with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

In this 7-module transformational course, Oscar skillfully shares with you the universal principles hidden within global shamanic traditions so you can experience the inner transformation that unifies heaven and earth

Each contemplation and training session builds harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the Peruvian Pachakuti practices that are designed to accelerate your spiritual evolution and healing and be prepared to go deeper than ever before in the advanced intensive.

Module 1
The Call to Heal: Trusting Soul

Module 2
Balance of Power: Honoring Spirit

Module 3
The Condor’s Quest: Opening Heart

Module 4
The Hummingbird’s Ascent: Transforming Mind

Module 5
Our Shamanic Self: Healing Body

Module 6
All Our Relations: Awakening Belongingness

Module 7
A Universe Within: Evolving Presence

PLUS you get The Universal Shaman Foundational Bonus Collection

Bonus #1: The Role of Universal Shamanism in Conscious Human Evolution
Audio Dialogue with don Oscar and Barbara Marx Hubbard

Bonus #2: The Marriage of Myth, Dream and Shamanic Consciousness in Healing Service to our Modern World
Audio Dialogue with don Oscar and Stanley Krippner

Bonus #3: The Shaman’s Flight and Heaven’s Light
Audio Dialogue with don Oscar and Dr. Raymond Moody

Bonus #4: From Head to Heart:
An Anthropologist’s Self-Transformational Embrace of Pachakuti Mesa Shamanism
Audio Dialogue with don Oscar and Bonnie Glass-Coffin, Ph.D.The Universal


Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo is a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru, founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH), originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition cross-cultural shamanism. An internationally-acclaimed shamanic teacher, healer, Earth honoring ritualist and author, don Oscar is also an OAS Fellow in Ethnopsychology, and member of the Birth 2012 Welcoming Committee and the Evolutionary Leaders Circle convened, respectively, by Barbara Marx Hubbard and Source and Synergy Foundation. He’s been guiding ethno-spiritual apprenticeship expeditions to sacred sites of the world since 1986, with special emphasis on Peru and Bolivia.


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