Dr. Bradley Nelson – Your Open Heart Training Series


Dr. Bradley Nelson – Your Open Heart Training Series

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Are you fully open to receiving love in your life? Or is something still missing?

Did you know that if your heart isn’t open, experiencing true joy may be difficult or even impossible? We define a Heart-Wall as an invisible barricade the subconscious mind builds around your heart to protect it. The problem is, it doesn’t just keep out negative energy and emotions — it can block everything — even love. But releasing your Heart-Wall can make deep love and true joy finally accessible!

Learn how to restore, protect, and empower your heart. You can experience more love and joy with Your Open Heart training series

Here’s a snapshot of what is included in this 4 part video training series:

What Your Heart-Wall May Be Doing to You

  • Ancient Wisdom About the Heart
  • The Connection Between Abundance Blocks and the Heart-Wall
  • How a Heart-Wall Can Cause Writer’s Block and Other Creativity Issues

How You Can Create a Heart-Healthy Environment Today

  • How You Can Find Out Exactly What Your Heart Wants in Order to Be Happy
  • How You May Increase Your Messages of Love to Your Honey
  • How You Can Nip a New Heart-Wall in the Bud!

Is There a Situation Where You Might Need a Heart-Wall?

  • Why the Subconscious Mind Might Want to Protect Your Heart
  • When Old Distress Causes New Problems – And How to Stop It
  • Shifting into New Patterns of Being for Ultimate Heart Happiness

How to Keep Your Heart Open and Protected

  • Possible Warning Signals That Your Emotional Heart May Be in Trouble
  • How You Can Find Success and Abundance Now That Your Heart Wall is Gone
  • How to Do Relationships And Dating as a Heart-Wall Free Person

This series will give you the tools to help you keep from rebuilding your Heart-Wall in the future.


Dr. Bradley Nelson is the author of The Emotion Code, an incredible breakthrough method that makes it possible for anyone to release their emotional baggage for a happier and healthier life. He is recognized world-wide as one of the foremost experts in the fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology and has also developed a simple yet powerful self-help method known as “The Body Code,” of which The Emotion Code is a part. Dr. Nelson has taught his healing methods to rave reviews world-wide and has certified thousands of practitioners in over 70 countries. Widely renowned as a speaker and a gifted teacher, he is now making his teachings available to a wider audience. He is married and is the father of seven children. He and his wife Jean live in Southern Utah.


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Dr. Bradley Nelson – Your Open Heart Training Series