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New 7-Week Video Training With Live Q&A Starts
Thursday, September 12, 2019

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

Pre-recorded teaching sessions are released on Tuesdays. Live Q&A sessions are on Thursdays at 10:00am Pacific.

In this 7-week transformational intensive, you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to cultivate total wellbeing. Dr. Shamini will illuminate wellbeing and health from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. Join her each week on video and for a live Q&A, to receive her leading-edge insights and practices, which will help you experience and embody the energies of your chakras and biofield — to create emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing.

Module 1: Grounding Your Earth Root for Embodiment (September 12)

This module is based on Triad #1, with a focus on the first chakra, aka the root chakra.

Imagine being so tuned in to your body that you have a visceral experience of earth, water, and fire energy running through you — enlivening and allowing you to experience joy and the spark of co-creative bliss.

The worlds of scientific research and spiritual inquiry agree on the importance of feeling fully alive and being bioenergetically connected with Mother Earth for wellbeing and health. This week, you’ll explore the science of grounding and embodiment — and experience the power of grounding and presence, which are associated with the root chakra. Meditation and internal sound vibration will allow you to be more connected and vibrant in your body, feel and work with the flow of energy within you, and open to more presence and joy. These practices also promote better sleep, stronger immunity, and a clearer mind.

In this module, you’ll discover:

Simple, scientifically validated practices for grounding and embodiment, which help improve your sleep, immunity, and mental wellbeing
What it truly means to be embodied — alive, vibrating, and present with yourself and your connection to the Earth
Guided practices to bring the elements of earth and fire into your body through meditation and sound vibration (mantra)
A felt connection between the root chakra and the joy of presence
An energetic practice to promote vitality all the way down to your cells

Module 2: Embodying the Energies of Emotional Wellbeing & Fluidity (September 19)

This module is based on Triad #1, with a focus on the second chakra, aka the sacral chakra.

What if you could effortlessly tap into flow states? How might your life and wellbeing change if you could discharge “stuck” emotions — and plug into the ever-abundant charged energy of water, which flows and attracts.

This element is also the jumping off-place for realizing your desires…

This week, you’ll explore the magic of the second chakra and how it relates to fluidity and flow, healthy emotional processing, and creativity.

In this module, you’ll discover:

Biofield mantra techniques to open the reservoir of your creativity and experience elemental energies in your body
How to distinguish what you’re feeling from what someone else is feeling
A practice to “wash away” negative emotions energetically so they don’t deplete or suck away your energy
How to catch the “happiness contagion”
The relationship of the second chakra to the western concept of hedonic wellbeing
Nourishing practices for your second chakra to experience pleasure without avoiding pain
How to clarify your desires before you choose to manifest them — through your first and second chakras
Research that relates hedonic wellbeing to longevity, reduced disease risk, and better immune and hormone function

Module 3: Fostering Discernment & Authentic Expression (October 3)

This module is based on Triads #1 & #2, with a focus on the third chakra, aka the solar plexus chakra.

This week, you’ll integrate what you’ve learned in modules one and two with the third chakra, and be fully engaged with the Authenticity and Self-Awareness Triad. You’ll learn to use the air and fire elements in the third chakra to “listen” to the energies of the first and second chakra and burn off the dross of patterns and habits that no longer serve you — so that you can fully develop your personal power and a deeper inner alchemy of presence and creativity to further clarify your desires and purpose.

In this module, you’ll discover:

The beauty — and necessity — of releasing what no longer serves you

The true meaning of discernment and its connection to the air and fire elements

Empowering energies of the first, second, and third chakras, which together allow you to sense and express your most authentic emotions and desires

A practice to align your biofield with Vedic goddess energies — to ground in your power and ignite the fire of your desires

Module 4: Opening to the Heart’s Guidance for Eudaimonic Wellbeing (October 10)

This module is based on Triad #2, with a focus on the third, fourth, and fifth chakras.

Discover the greater dimensions of wellbeing by opening to the magical energies of your heart. Your connection with your loved ones, yourself, and the Divine are essential to your health.

Eudaimonia, a state of being that the Greeks defined as “being guarded by benevolent spirit,” nourishes your relationships — and helps you better understand and embody meaning and purpose in your life. Aristotle described this dimension of wellbeing as aligning “the activity of the soul in accord with virtue.”

In this module, you’ll discover:

Eudaimonic wellbeing and its relationship to the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakra energies

The science behind how your personal relationships and spiritual practices have a profound role in your health and resilience

Practices to open your heart to receive spiritual guidance

How experiences of grief and loss can be a portal to grace

How to feel others’ emotions without absorbing them— so that instead of reacting or becoming overwhelmed, you’re open to the flow of your own wisdom

Module 5: Embodying the Energies of Your Truth & Co-Creativity (October 17)

This module is based on Triads #2 & #3, with a focus on the fifth chakra, aka the throat chakra.

At this pivotal point in your journey through the course, you’ve learned to align and transmute your energies to better embody and express who you are, as well as to recognize your unique gifts and open to spiritual wisdom.

This week, you’ll connect with the powerful, etheric energies of the throat chakra to help you co-create and manifest in accordance with the highest good. The throat chakra relates to divine timing and enabling your authentic voice to express what needs to be expressed, or to hold silence.

In this module, you’ll dive deeply into the entire well of your being as you:

Discover the role of your throat chakra in your journey of wellbeing and your co-creative abilities

Learn how the etheric energies allow you to increase your G.I.F.T.S. — generosity, integrity, faith, trust, and surrender

Experience and practice powerful mantras that clarify and attract energetic resources for divinely aligned manifestation

Align your throat chakra energies with the rest of your chakras, moving from distrust or anxiety to trusting that all is unfolding according to divine timing

Module 6: Experiencing the Powerful Energies of Your Intuition (October 24)

This module is based on Triad #3, with a focus on the sixth chakra, aka the third eye chakra.

This week, you’ll more deeply cultivate the energies that allow for wisdom and intuitive guidance to flow effortlessly through you. The third eye relates to the siddhis as described in Vedic and other cultures. Siddhis relate to karma and reflect a natural progression toward spiritual liberation and a fully open mind that’s ready to receive guidance and wisdom.

In this module, you’ll discover:

How to discern between information coming from your spiritual guidance and your conditioned mind

An easy practice to quiet your mind so you can hear spiritual wisdom

How siddhis reflect many ways to receive spiritual guidance — and how to tell which of your senses of intuition are most active

A felt experience of the energies of light and sound, to better activate and charge your third eye

Module 7: Activating & Embodying the Transformative Energies of Divine Union (October 31)

This module is based on Triad #3, with a focus on the seventh chakra, aka the crown chakra.

As you bring this adventure to a close, you’ll find its impact on your daily life is just beginning. You’ll have witnessed the fruits of your spiritual and bioenergetic self-exploration, and you’re ready for the final piece that brings you ultimate peace: surrender.

Shamini will share budding scientific research in nondual wellbeing (the wellbeing of oneness) and health. Nonduality relates to the crown chakra, embodied surrender, and spiritual transcendence.

Working with the energies of the heart, throat, and crown, you can fully offer your reverence and manifestation potential to the Divine with complete nonattachment. And that’s when magic happens…

Join Shamini in this final class to integrate all of your experiences and learning, so that your well of being is filled, your relationships are nourished, and your co-creative activities are flowing joyfully through you… and out into the world.

In this module, you’ll:

Deepen your understanding of nonduality

Integrate the heart, third eye, and crown chakra to be of full service to the Divine — and open to the full experience of Consciousness

Align with Vedic Goddess energies to fully surrender and feel the flow of Divine presence

Experience the healing magic of embodied surrender through a powerful, whole-body guided meditation


Dr. Shamini Jain is a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI), a collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, educators, and artists to help lead humanity to heal ourselves. CHI was formed through Shamini’s deep desire to bring key stakeholders together to create a coherent and effective movement to move us beyond models of “disease thinking” and the “decade of the brain,” into the study of systems-based healing processes, and personal and societal empowerment.


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Dr. Shamini Jain – Your Well of Being