Dr. Yang Jwing Ming – Chin Na In Depth 1-12



Dr. Yang Jwing Ming – Chin Na In Depth 1-12

Salepage : Dr. Yang Jwing Ming – Chin Na In Depth 1-12

Archive : Dr. Yang Jwing Ming – Chin Na In Depth 1-12

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“Chin Na” means “Seize Control”Learn Chin Na (Qin Na) for controlling and incapacitating your opponents with finger, hand, and joint-locking techniques. Each of these techniques is presented up-close and in detail, and can be found in Dr. Yang’s bestselling book Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na.Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Chin Na (Qin Na) demonstrates and instructs his techniques up-close and in detail. Chin Na, the art of controlling an opponent through joint locks and acupressure cavities, is an essential part of all Chinese martial styles, and it will be a valuable addition to any other martial system.

Course 1:*White Crane Nods Its Head*White Crane Twists Its Neck*Lift the Elbow*White Crane Covers Its Wing*Hands Embrace A Guitar*Single and Multiple Finger Holdings*Butterfly Bores Through the Flowers*Double Finger Split

Course 2:*Small Wrap Hand*Small Wrap Hand 2*Forward Wrist Press*Press the Wrist Up*Turning Around Heaven and Earth*Turning Body Elbow Wrap*Forward Turning Elbow*Two Children Worship the Buddha

Course 3:*Large Rock Twists Its Wing*Arm Wraps Around the Neck*Pressing Shoulder with Single Finger and Extending the Neck for Water*White Crane Bores the Bush*Large Python Turns Its Body*Rotating the Sky Post*Low Finger Press*Upward Finger Turn*Lock and Turn the Joint

Course 4:*Small Wrap Finger*Large Wrap hand*Low Inward Wrist Press*Forgive Me Not Going With You*The Child Worships the Buddha*Reverse Elbow Wrap*Upward Elbow Press*Lion Shakes Its Head*One Post to Support the Heaven

Course 5:*Thumb Press*Small Finger Hook*Small Finger Turning*Up Hook Finger*Back Wrap Hand*Low Outward Wrist Press*Feudal Lord Invites To Dinner*Wild Chicken Breaks Its Wing

Course 6:*The Hero Shows Courtesy*Carry a Pole on the Shoulder*Hands Holding a Large Beam*Forward Upward Turning*Old Man Carries Fish on His Back*Look to the Heavens and Shout*Force to Bow

Course 7:*Turning Finger Dividing*Upper Hook Dividing*Lower Hook Dividing*Reverse Wrist Press*Wild Chicken Spreads its Wings*Push the Boat to Follow the Stream*Small Elbow Wrap*Large Elbow Wrap

Course 8:*Prop Up Elbow*The Heavens Turn and the Earth Circles*Backward Upward Turning*Turn Back to Seize the Ape*Roast Peking Duck*Twist the Head to Kill a Chicken*The Hand Seizes the Dragon’s Head

Course 9:*Control the Dragon’s Head*Control the Dragon’s Tail*Send the Devil to Heaven*Turn the Body to Seize the Monkey*Walk With Me*Upward Elbow Wrap*Low Elbow Press*Old Man Promoted to General*Left Right Cross Elbow*Old Man Bows Politely*Both Hands Seize the Murderer*Twist the Arm and Press the Neck*The Arm Holds the Dragon’s Head

Course 10:*Leg Chin Na*10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques

Course 11:*Leg Chin Na*10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques

Course 12:*Chin Na Counterattack*Advanced Chin Na versus Chin Na



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Dr. Yang Jwing Ming – Chin Na In Depth 1-12