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Do you struggle to keep budgets current in the face of an ever-changing business climate?  Do you recognize that actual spending can be far from what a department’s spending should be?  Twenty-first century performance metrics reduce work, reduce politics, provide flexibility and substantially improve the performance management process.  This valuable session will show you how to drive organizational performance using these powerful techniques.

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to determine what your performance metrics should be and how to use metrics to improve your planning and control processes

Major Subjects

  • Using metrics in a balanced scorecard framework
  • Learn to measure output of your business activities
  • Creating metrics for profit and cost centers
  • Benchmarking your metrics
  • Using metrics for planning and control
  • Tips for success

John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM, is a Chelsea, Michigan-based management consultant specializing in costing, pricing strategy and pricing model development.  He has taught continuing professional education courses since 1995 and began doing ethics seminars two weeks before the Enron scandal.  John has been CFO for a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier and a large restaurant chain and COO for a window treatments manufacturer and retailer.  He is the author of “Pricing for Profitability”, published by Wiley and Sons and a novel, “Tool & Die”.



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Driving Performance with Metrics

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