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Eddie Bravo – Mastering the Rubber Guard

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  In his best-selling jiu-jitsu book, Mastering the Rubber Guard, Eddie Bravo lays out his entire half guard game, his entire butterfly guard game, and the secrets of the infamous Rubber Guard. Now, for the first time, Bravo unveils his entire guard system on DVD. The box set includes three DVDs that contain hours upon hours of easy-to-understand instructional training and live rolling. The collectors set covers the half guard, the butterfly guard, the entire Rubber Guard, escapes back to guard, and Spider Web. Unlike the majority of martial arts instructional DVDs that can bore a viewer to tears, Mastering the Rubber Guard (DVD) contains hours of bonus footage, including comedy sketches, Eddie Bravo music videos, and never-before seen footage where the Victory Belt Staff punks Bravo at the 10th Planet Academy with a pretty girl and an angry 300-pound meathead.

Disc 1

1: Intro

2: Half guard

3: Lockdown, underhooks, & the whipup

4: Jaws of life

5: Old school

6: The electric chair

7: Stoner control

8: Half guard to full guard

9: The dog fight

10: Half & half

11: Plan B

12: Plan B combo

13: Powder keg

14: The limp arm (DPO)

15: Drowning whizzer

16: The stomp

17: New stomp

18: Super stomp

19: The godfather

20: The godfather sweep

21: The stakeout

22: Quatoof: Attack of the black

23: Rolling stoned take #1

24: Butterfly guard

25: Butterfly guard sweeps

26: Jean Jacques 2

27: Stick shift

28: Jean Jacques 2

29: X-guard

30: Double X

31: Cocoon to X-guard

32: Cocoon to dog fight

33: Temple of Mir: Wake me

34: Rolling stoned take #2

35 The pyramid

36: Tepee

37: Go go plata 

38: Loco plata

39: Compelle & the Twister: Pray

40: Eddie punked interview

41: Punking my students

42: Credits

43: Grapplers Quest commercial


Disc 2

1: Intro

2: Rubber guard

3: Basic rubber guard path

4: Mission, retard & crackhead control

5: The zombie

6: Night of the living dead

7: Exhumer

8: Failed hand to the mat

9: Arc Ascending: What you told me

10: Nibiru Warriors Pt 1

11: The Pump

12: Nibiru Warriors Pt 2

13: The duda

14: The crocodile

15: Meat hook to triangle

16: Rolling stoned take #3

17: New York to chill dog

18: East coast croc

19: Rescue dog

20: Invisible collar

21: Invisible collar variation

22: Invisible croc

23: Invisible gator

24: Go go plata

25: Loco plata

26: Swim move

27: Chill dog to jiu claw

28: Kum fu move

29: Crowbar

30: Mad dog

31: The carni

32: Glenn earns his purple belt

33: Temple of Mir: Ride that wave

34: Exchanging techniques with Aoki

35: Nibiru warriors pt 3

36: Rolling stoned take #4

37: The jiu claw

38: Omoplata

39: The D.A.

40: The snitch

41: The Un-winder

42: Punking my students

43: Jiu claw to triangle

44: Inverted arm bar

45: The drowning jiu

46: FM ankle lock

47: Joe Rogan discussion

48: Credits

49: Grapplers Quest commercial


Disc 3

1: Intro

2: Spiderweb

3: Arm crush

4: Drea: Dreamin

5: Rolling stoned take #5

6: Triangle

7: X-break

8: The slide

9: The triangle arm bar

10: The Filho

11: Silverado

12: Chamber lock

13: Compella & the twister: Put ur weed up

14: Japanese DVD

15: Escapes back to guard

16: Jail break

17: Jail break variation

18: Jail break (arm hook variation)

19: The flo

20: The funnel

21: 25 cent

22: Escape from Alcatraz

23: Guantanamo

24: Temple of Mir: Falling under

25: Rolling stoned take #6

26: Troubleshooting

27: Punking Eddie

28: Credits

29: Grapplers Quest




Eddie Bravo is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Jean Jacques Machado and founder of the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI). Bravo made his mark in competitive jiu-jitsu by submitting Royler Gracie at the ADCC Championship (2003), after which he launched his 10th Planet jiu-jitsu team, a program that became widely publicized, gathering a huge following in the grappling and mixed martial arts (MMA) communities. Eddie’s views on grappling turned towards positions such as the rubber guard, the twister and a half guard move Bravo labeled as the lock down, these caught the eye of several MMA fighters who sought Bravo to learn his method. Fighters such as Alan Belcher, Matt Horwich or Vinny Magalhaes, to name a few.


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Eddie Bravo – Mastering the Rubber Guard