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Eddie Quinn-The Approach

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Some info from the website-DVD Volume One – The Entry System

Volume 1 – The Entry SystemLearn how to Destroy any incoming Punch! You will learn touse your whole body as a weapon.
THE APPROACH has no blocks only devastating strikes.
DVD Volume Two – Power Development & Padwork

Volume 2 – Power Development & PadworkThis DVD will enhance your power, timing, and body mechanics.
You will learn to hit with devastating power, turning your forearms into legal pick axe handles! DVD Volume Three – Multiple Strikes

Volume 3 – Multiple StrikesLearn to hit with multiple strikes, using your forearms andhammerfists to defend against head butts, knee strikes, combination punches and the grappler’s shoot.
DVD Volume Four – Elbow Strikes

Volume 4 – Elbow Strikes This DVD covers closing the distance with the Entry system then introducing devastating elbow strikes to terminate the fight.
Whether you are a novice or a black belt this DVD WILL enhance you as a martial artist.
DVD Volume Five – Takedowns
Volume 5 – Takedowns In this DVD I take you through the practical applications of taking your opponent to the ground, this DVD introduces you to head and body takedowns that make breakfalling redundant, be warned!!



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Eddie Quinn-The Approach