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Here are the Specific Ways the Abundance Quest Will Work to Transform YOU:
A Safe, Fun and Effective Transformational Space
I’ve learned during the past 15 years of teaching and coaching that the best content can be worthless if it’s not delivered in an environment that is conducive to learning and transformation. My intention is for this quest to be safe, fun and effective for you. And I’ve worked hard to create a structure and container that will let you go as deep as you want, safely, while also remembering the importance of playfulness and fun.

Proven Tools, Techniques and Processes
This program contains the most effective and simplest processes I know of to quickly get you moving in the direction of TRUE Abundance. No complicated mumbo jumbo. Just simple, powerful, proven tools that work!

Best of all, once you learn these tools they’ll be part of your personal evolution toolbox for the rest of your life, and you’ll be able to use them whenever you feel the need for a little boost to your abundance quotient.

A Charged Field of Abundance Energy
One of the things I do before every call is charge the “field” with positive, abundance energy using techniques I learned in my energy medicine training and that I’ve honed and evolved during the past 14 years. But far more powerful than the charging that I do to prepare for the calls is the potent collective energy that we cocreate when we come together.

Our positive field of intention lifts us all up, even if you’re not on the live call. Our collective focus on abundance creates a powerfully supportive field of energy that supports you on your quest for TRUE Abundance.

A guide to the 30-Day Abundance Quest
Module 1: Kick the Scarcity Habit

Scarcity and lack are habits. They are not your natural state. They are not “reality.” In module 1 of the 30-Day Abundance Quest you will be given simple tools to help you “unlearn” the habit of scarcity. We’ll also spend time this module going over the details of the Quest.

Here are some of the highlights from module 1:

Why UN-learning is the key to TRUE Abundance
A simple but powerful Neutral Separation Technique for detaching yourself from other people’s belief’s about money and abundance (this will be a powerful tool in the Un-learning process)
The 5-Step Abundance Quest Practice you will use to create a life of TRUE Abundance
Module 2: The Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision You’ve Ever Had

That’s a line from Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God series. Somewhere along the way most of us turned off our capacity to dream big and imagine great possibilities and grand potentials.

During module 2 you’ll have the opportunity to remember and reactivate your capacity to dream big. As we move into the Shift, small, safe dreams don’t cut it anymore. The world needs all of us to dream and vision in much bigger ways.

Here are some of the highlights from module 2:

Opening the door to desire. Unlike what some traditions teach, there is nothing wrong with desire. You’ll remember just how fun and exciting it can be to let yourself say YES to your desires.
You’ll be guided through a powerful 5-year Life Vision process.
You’ll access multiple exercises in the course workbook to get your dreaming “muscle” back into shape.

Module 3: Knowing What YOU Really Want

In module 3 we move to the 2nd Manifestation Key: Intention. Intention setting is the process of narrowing your focus and claiming what you really want. It’s putting your flag in the ground.

Desire is a good starting point, but intention is the powerful energy that will guide you through the process of manifesting what you want.

Here are some of the highlights from module 3:

The most important thing to remember when asking others for guidance around your intentions.
A dialoguing process for getting clear on your intentions
The Intention Embodiment Meditation that will help you lock your intention into your body
Module 4: You’ll See It When You Believe It!

When it comes to the cause and effect relationship between beliefs and “reality” most of us have it backwards. We’ve been taught that we’ll believe something when we see it. As scientists have proven, reality “bends” to our beliefs. It’s only when you believe something that you’ll see it. In module 4 we’ll focus on the 3rd Manifestation Key: Belief.

Here are some of the highlights from module 4:

Why the “power of positive thinking” should really be called the “power of positive believing”
A powerful technique for discovering your core beliefs about abundance
The body-based practice for replacing your old, disempowering beliefs about abundance with new empowering beliefs

Module 5: If Everything is Energy, Then Why Does It Still Hurt?

This module we move to the 4th Manifestation Key: Vibration. By now you’ve heard the phrase, “Everything is energy.” And while this is true at the level of atoms and subatomic particles, it doesn’t make it any less painful when you get sick, injured or feel the emotional pain from an insult or an old trauma, or continue to struggle to get the things you want.

The Vibration Key doesn’t minimize the reality of your physical experience, but it gives you another doorway through which you can accelerate the creation of what you want.

Here are some of the highlights from module 5:

Learn what the word vibration actually means
Discover the fastest way to diagnose your vibrational level
Create YOUR unique vibration-raising toolbox
Experience a rainbow light meditation that raises your vibration without fail
Module 6: Ready, Set, GO!

The previous four keys lay the groundwork for this, the 5th Manifestation Key of Action. If you take action without having your Vision, Intention, Beliefs and Vibration aligned, you’re going to create a lot of extra work and struggle for you.

On the other hand… doing the work to get those others keys into alignment without taking action is going to get you nowhere. However, when you line up the first four keys and THEN take action from that place… WATCH OUT!

Here are some of the highlights from module 6:

How to know when to take action and when to wait and work on bringing the other keys into alignment
Why disconnected action will always feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel
Why aligned action will NOT always feel easy (hint: it has to do with your comfort zone)
How to know the difference between sabotaging procrastination and productive gestation
The technique that will get you taking action when the time is right (even if you don’t want to)

Module 7: Mission… POSSIBLE!

You have a mission here, a purpose, a reason that you are here. You have a unique message to share that comes from your unique life experiences. No one else can share YOUR message!

In Module 7 we’ll explore the next steps you’ll take as you continue your journey towards TRUE Abundance and to the ever-expanding expression of your purpose.

Here are some of the highlights from module 7:

Why consistency is your most potent ally on your journey
How to create personal systems that empower your abundance
The simple, powerful process successful people use to start their day
How to install an abundance gauge in your system that will let you know where you are in the manifestation process

Plus You’ll Get These Awesome Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Awaken Your Divine Potential and Uncover Your True Abundant Identity with Michael Beckwith

In this one-hour bonus session, you’ll hear this dynamic duo share the truth about the Real Abundance that is at your core. Michael Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, where he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people modulely. He is also the co-chair of the Season for Nonviolence along with Arun Gandhi and was one of the featured teachers in The Secret movie and bestselling book. He is one of the most prominent spiritual leaders in America, inspiring transformation in millions of people.

Bonus #2: Breathing and Manifestation with Gay Hendricks

How can you use your breathing to create the life you want? That’s the central question we explore in this session. Combining special breathing techniques with visualization and affirmation, you learn to use your breathing to navigate through the three levels of manifestation: Newtonian, Einsteinian and Quantum. You learn a simple way to use your breathing to enhance the realization of your goals on a daily basis. This module you will learn: How to create the life of your dreams with breathing practices To use your breathing every day to speed up manifestation What manifestation really means-and how to create the life you want.

Bonus #3: Transform Your Relationship with Money and Your Life with Lynne Twist

Soul of Money Institute founder, Lynne Twist, supports and empowers people to find peace and fulfillment in their relationship with money…



Edward Mills was a successful life and business Coach, seminar leader and telesummit producer. He has coached hundreds of individuals and small business owners, led virtual and in-person courses and retreats and interviewed many of the world’s top transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Rickie Byars Beckwith, John Gray and Bruce Lipton.


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