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Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 by Jeremy Salem

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Finally…Build a Fun and Profitable Online T-Shirt Business or Jumpstart Your Existing One By Using a Tested & Proven Step-By-Step Formula

Whether you’re an advanced t-shirt seller or a newbie, this is a repeatable and scalable system that shows you how to sell t-shirts on Facebook, while building a sustainable and long-term business.

Here is what your course will include:

The Entire Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 System – 4 weeks of content, with 25+ modules and 75+ lessons.

Built-in Accountability – Each week you’ll have homework and action items to complete, to ensure you’re moving at the right pace and in the right direction.

Meticulous Step-By-Step Instructions For Every Strategy You Learn – Whether you’re brand new or advanced, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to build a profitable and FUN t-shirt business in 2015.

4 Live Q/A Sessions – Each week we get on a live call to discuss that week’s content, and answer any questions you have about your t-shirt business and campaigns.

Private Mastermind Community – Building and growing your t-shirt business can get lonely. That’s why we put together a 24/7 community where you can troubleshoot any questions or problems, get clarity on issues, and have access to Will, myself, and other entrepreneurs building their t-shirt business.

But that’s not all, every member of Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 will also receive these special bonuses:

–    Selling Shirts Using Google Adwords Bonus Course – This never-before-released training was set to be an entire course on its own. A 31 lesson course showing you how to use Google Adwords to sell t-shirts, and it’s completely FREE and included with your Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 purchase.

Our Digital Toolbox – Ever get confused with all the different tools and websites you hear about? We understand, and that’s why we’re going to give you a PDF of our “Digital Toolbox,” which lists all the tools, websites, and software that can help you grow your business. Things like, free tools we use to create beautiful images for our Facebook ads, websites we use for headline ideas, plus more.

Niche Picking Resource Guide – In Effortless Tee Formula 2.0, we cover how to pick niches for your t-shirt business, if you don’t already have any. However, we understand you may want to look deeper into niches, so we’re including a guide that will walk you through picking a niche, and give you ideas of profitable niches you can enter to create a profitable and fun t-shirt business that will last long-term.

Hiring a Designer Cheat Sheet – If you’re not a designer, finding a good designer for your t-shirts can be challenging. We’ve put together a step-by-step cheat sheet for hiring a freelance designer, including EXACTLY what you need to ask them during the interview process, and how to find out if they’re good before you pay them.

Optional Training Sessions and Coaching: 

All the details and features listed above are included in the Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 Pro Edition. Along with that, we’ve also added a VIP and Platinum membership option, for those of you who want some advanced training or private coaching sessions.

What Topics Does the Course Cover 

This course covers four main topics, all laid out in a week-by-week plan that’s easy to follow:

– Week 1: Quickly Get Your T-Shirt Business Up and Profitable

Over the last 2 years, a LOT has changed when it comes to selling t-shirts through Facebook. We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for growing a healthy, profitable, and fun t-shirt business – and doing it as fast as possible.

– Week 2: Hit Them From All Angles (Maximizing Your Sales & Ad Spend With Advanced Retargeting Strategies)

After the first week, you will have accomplished a lot. If you do the homework, you’ll already have ads running to your shirts and you should be making sales!

– Week 3: Finding Millions More of Your Ideal Customers (Scaling With Lookalike Audiences)

This is where things really start to get fun.

– Week 4: The Ultimate Scaling Strategy (A Facebook Ads Hack We Accidentally Discovered)



Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. He is also an author, product creator and lead strategist at Digital Traffic Ace.


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Effortless Tee Formula 2.0 by Jeremy Salem