EFT for the Prevention & Treatment of Serious Diseases by Kari Dawson



 EFT for the Prevention & Treatment of Serious Diseases by Kari Dawson

Salepage : Kari Dawson – EFT for the Prevention & Treatment of Serious Diseases

EFT Master Karl Dawson gives an engaging and highly informative overview of the process of auto-immune and other serious diseases, such as chronic fatigue/ME, thyroid problems, chronic pain and stomach issues. Karl then addresses the disease process using EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, correcting lifestyle and nutrition.


His innovative new technique, Matrix Reimprinting, has the ‘present you’ tap on the ‘you of the past’. It is proven to be highly effective and successful with multiple group sessions and one-on-one demonstrations, with undeniable amazing results.


This set is filled with imperative information and demonstrations for anyone wishing to prevent and help recovery from serious disease in their own life or in their practice.


Some of the topics covered in this 6 DVD set from a live two-day training at Studley Castle, summer 2008.

  • A large section on Matrix reImprinting including, theory, demos and client testimonial
  • Factors which make us more susceptible to disease
  • What do we really mean by stress?
  • How wrong beliefs cause specific diseases
  • How our early decisions shape our whole lives
  • How we create our diseases according to our expectations in life
  • Beliefs in the way of healing
  • EFT techniques to address our core beliefs about ourselves and the world
  • Demonstrations using EFT to uncover these beliefs and decisions
  • Learn a simple HeartMath technique to prevent clients going into flight and flight
  • Introduction to meta-medicine, an amazing diagnostic tool which helps direct EFT with more precision
  • We will see how the diseases we exhibit are our body’s metaphor to draw attention to past traumas and elements in our life which need addressing
  • Find which core beliefs you are running and how to deal with them
  • Learn about the latest breakthroughs in science and how this validates our work with EFT
  • The number one way to rebuild your immune system
  • Why we self medicate and self sabotage as a way to cope with life and how to find better alternatives
  • Plus, lots of other invaluable understanding and solutions when working with clients with mental, emotional and physical issues.


“An informative and important training course that helps you to appreciate the power of the mind body connection.”

Sandy Newbigging, Founder of Mindbodyco and author of Life Detox


“EFT with Karl was literally life changing. I have suffered from high blood pressure for 40 years. In year 2000 I was diagnosed diabetic. Tapping transformed my lifestyle! My diabetes is now borderline and diet controlled. My BP has dropped to within normal levels. Life is GOOD – thanks to EFT and Karl.”

Dave Able


“I was diagnosed with ME/chronic fatigue syndrome in December 2005. On a bad day I was lucky if I could walk. After one personal session I felt an improvement, the brain fog had noticeably reduced and the pain in my legs had vanished. I signed up to do Karl’s EFT course, although remaining sceptical, I was so surprised that after three days I was bouncing about, I had energy and I felt 80% better. I can honestly say EFT was the driving force behind my recovery.”

Susanne Shelmerdine


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EFT for the Prevention & Treatment of Serious Diseases by Kari Dawson