EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014



EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014

EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014

Price: $197

Iyanla Vanzant The Power of Radical Forgiveness: How to Forgive Everyone for Everything with Tapping
Day 1 :
Cheryl Richardson – Healing and Releasing Patterns of Guilt and Shame Forever


Jessica Ortner Finding Peace in the Past: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 2 :
Nick Ortner Dramatic Pain Relief with Tapping: The Miraculous Results and How You Too Can Use It Today To Get Relief
Julie Schiffman Healing the Body: A New Approach to Health and Illness
Jessica Ortner Finding Relief from Physical Pain: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 3 :
Jessica Ortner The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence: How to Stress Less, Weigh Less and Love More
Carol Look From Burnout to Balance: How Tapping Can Bring You Peace and Clarity
Jessica Ortner Connecting to Your Core: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Feel Centered and Strong

Day 4 :
Margaret M. Lynch From Debt to Wealth: How to Clear the Hurdles Keeping You Stuck
Pamela Bruner Reconciling Money and Spirituality: How to Be Spiritual and Abundant!
Jessica Ortner Finding Financial Peace, Focus and Creativity: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 5 :
Mary Ayers Releasing Anxiety: Tools to Create an Anxiety Free Life
Carol Tuttle Healing and Releasing Anger: How Truly Letting Go Can Change Your Life
Donna Eden Using Tapping with Energy Medicine for Dramatic Results
Jessica Ortner Releasing Anxiety Around a Future Event, Project or Deadline: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 6 :
Dawson Church Intimate Relationships: How to Experience Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationships
Lindsay Kenny Tap Into Love Using Tapping to Find Your Soulmate
Jessica Ortner Cutting the Cord: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Release a Past Relationship

Day 7 :
Dr. Pat Carrington Aging Gracefully: Wisdom Teachings from a Tapping Elder
Brad Yates Our Children: How to Tap With Kids to Transform Their Lives and Futures
Jessica Ortner Its Never Too Late: A Guided Tapping Meditation for Health, Vitality and Passion for Life

Day 8 :
Rick Wilkes When Youre Stuck Overcoming Frustration and Creating Self-Acceptance
Dr. Paul Scheele Your Life Purpose Finding Inner Clarity and Meaning with Tapping
Jessica Ortner When Life Feels Stuck: A Guided Tapping Meditation to Help you Move Forward

Day 9 :
Dr. Lori Leyden Tapping for World Change Dramatic Results That Will Inspire and Move You
Dr. Erin Shannon Peak Performance How Our Top Athletes Are Using Tapping and How You Can Too
Jessica Ortner Create Peace in the World: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 10 :
Steve Wells Catapulting Your Dreams: Overcoming the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Success
Gwenn Bonnell The Power to Truly Transform: Self-Acceptance and Self-Love as Gateways to Healing
Jessica Ortner How to Quiet the Critical Voice: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Day 11 (Bonus Day):
Jessica Ortner – Integration Process



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EFT – Tapping World Summit 2014