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Eliott Hulse – Grounding Man Videocourse

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THE GROUNDING MAN VIDEO COURSE CONTAINS 19 PIECES OF INSIGHT. Ideas that are so “dangerous” that a prominent doctor was banned from furthering his studies and was nearly erased from history
Discover the origins of toxic masculinity and how a simple mental shift may transform toxic masculinity into appealing, tender-aggressive masculinity.
Why the MGTOW concept is nonsense
How being wounded may be used to your advantage, and how to take advantage of it
A practical technique to establish your grounded, center to reach higher cognition, without feeling worried
The four sides of masculinity, how they interact, and how, when balanced, they give you a confident demeanor, deeper voice, and a calm, welcoming atmosphere.
What is accountable for obstructing our spiritual direction, intuition, and connection?
Practical suggestions for calming your hyperactive mind
Childhood trauma causes women to avoid you like the plague (and the steps you can take to repair it)
How your childhood scars influence both your body and your personality
The real reason you have excellent ideas but can never bring them to completion, despite your best efforts (and how you can address this problem)
The underlying reasons of feelings of helplessness, sadness, and emotional ambiguity
Which traumas produce each character structure, so you can take actions to treat them?
Strange reason why some individuals can’t enjoy sex and have to resort to kinky obsessions to do so.
The injured guy receives treatment through his breathing and movement. Learn how to accomplish it in a way that is personal to your shadows.
What factors contribute to guys being friend-zoned?
Allow yourself to let go of practices, books, and concepts. How to allow your spontaneity take over so that everything goes as planned
It is not a question of getting the math correct; rather, it is a matter of getting the inspiration correct and demonstrating it with the calculations. How to access an infinite source of inspiration even while sleeping.

And a lot more…

It’s worth noting that just about 100 guys have truly encountered Grounding Man.

However, they are ALL using the experience to bring light to themselves.


The world…


To Be a Man (Video 1)

What exactly does it mean to be a man? What makes us manly? You’ll learn about the influences that shape our masculinity and how to embrace the masculine so you may gradually recover your power.

Symbolic Man (Video 2)

For years, there have been masculine-themed symbols all around us. Some of which may be essential to your way of life. In this section of the course, we’ll talk about these manly symbols and how they may help you in your daily life.

Video 3: The Four Corners

Warrior, King, Magician, and Lover. For years, the balance (or lack thereof) of these archetypes has subtly influenced our judgments, behaviors, and ideas. You’ll learn about the nature of each, the shadow versions, and how reintegrating may help you live in the fullest of each.

Q&A from The Four Corners

Here, I’ll address frequently asked questions regarding archetypes and how they affect your life.

Wound as a Womb (Video 5)

Suffering is a natural aspect of existence. We will all be psychologically or physically injured, traumatized, or disfigured at some point in our lives. But we cannot let ourselves be victims! The only way to get the insight and power to overcome our flaws, injuries, and blunders is to acknowledge and celebrate them.

Character Structure Analysis (Video 6)

Many great teachers and traditions have pushed me in the direction of the truths I discuss at Grounding Man. I demonstrate how Sigmund Freud’s work, as well as those of his prominent pupils Wilhelm Reich and Carl Jung, may provide an overview of the different ways we physically adapt to the psychological trauma of our childhoods and even prior generations.

7th video – Oral

Early psychological trauma leads to the embodiment of the Oral Character Structure. In this video, we’ll discuss the origins of the Oral, how it appears when embodied, and how it manifests in society.

Phallic Narcissist (Video 8)

The Phallic Narcissist is another Character Structure. In this video, we will discuss how this structure came to be, how it ties to one of the male archetypes, and the coping techniques that someone with this Character Structure will exhibit.

Psychopath/Masochist (Video 9)

These obnoxious-sounding Character Structures are neither better nor worse than the others. In this video, you’ll learn why these structures exist, how they came to be, and what benefits and drawbacks people with this Character Structure will face.

Breathing and Movement as Medicine (Video 10)

The first step towards reclaiming our power is to become conscious. The second step is to re-inhabit the body. You’ll discover several effective techniques for doing so right here.

Mastering Manifestation (Video 11)

Something that Viktor Frankl, Kanye West, and I all have in common is that we utilize self-talk to reinterpret our anxieties into liberties. As we release our suppressed emotions, we get motivated to actualize our aspirations, dreams, and creativity. For years, individuals have used affirmations to help them achieve their objectives, but the practice does not always provide the desired outcomes. In this video, I discuss how realigning our affirmations with natural law and our bodies may help us create our finest creations.





Elliott Hulse is an American Strongman, Strength Coach, & CEO of Strength Camp.He is a self-made entrepreneur, who overcame learning disabilities and disadvantages, to become one of the most prolific visionary-leaders to a generation of men. He runs the Strength Camp Gym in Florida, and travels the world holding Grounding Camps that use tribal dancing, breathing and active meditation, to help men, break free from self-limiting beliefs.


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Eliott Hulse – Grounding Man Videocourse