Elliott Wave Rules and Observations by Alphashark



Elliott Wave Rules and Observations by Alphashark

Salepage : Elliott Wave Rules and Observations by Alphashark

Archive : Elliott Wave Rules and Observations by Alphashark

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Learn the Elliott Wave Rules and Observations that allow serious traders to understand Long, Medium and Short Trend directions. Then how to use this information within a special Elliott Wave Hacker trading strategy using exclusive Elliott Wave Tools designed for thinkorswim by our ex institutional trader. You will also learn important trading entry techniques to Swing Trade the highest probability wave in the Elliott Wave sequence.

So whether your scalping, day-trading, intra-day trading or swing trading, this Elliott Wave Hacker Suite for TOS will be the Game Changing Suite for thinkorswim users. This first of its kind workshop features four hours of intense focus on Elliott Wave Theory with Trading and Entry Strategies using this exclusive Elliott Wave Hacker indicator Suite for thinkorswim:

  • How to use the Elliott Wave Hacker suite to understand the BIG PICTURE
  • Learn to Drill Down through different time-frames using Elliott Wave counts to be able to trade Long, Medium and Short term trading opportunities
  • Exclusive access to an Elliott Wave Swing Trading Strategy used by Institutional Traders
  • Bonus Elliott Wave Oscillator with bar count
  • Exclusive access to 6/4 MA high and low for Elliott Wave entry and trade management
  • Learn how to Localise Elliott Wave counts on different time-frames

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Elliott Wave Rules and Observations by Alphashark