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Day Trading For A Living

Hi there! I make a living day trading the U.S. Treasury 30-Year Bond futures on the futures market. I have had requests over the past few years from fellow traders and friends to share my methods – this website is the result!

I trade the 30-Year Bond futures for a daily income. What does that mean? Well, quite simply, I trade each day for a couple of ticks’ profit and then stop once I’ve achieved it. Trading for only a couple of ticks is quite conservative, but it’s all you need for a daily income. Day trading for a living is a great lifestyle!

If you’re new to futures trading then you may already have no idea what I’m talking about! If that’s the case then you should check out my new to futures trading page. It contains some basic information about futures contracts and futures trading, U.S. Treasury 30-Year Bonds, the bond tick price, going long and going short, and margin requirements for futures trading.

My trading system is simple – it’s built around tick charts and standard technical indicators. Day trading, however, is not simple! If it was simple everyone would be doing it and making a killing in the market! A lot of traders fail because they don’t have the discipline, focus or confidence to follow a trading system. Because of this, trading is not for everyone. If, however, you have a good trading system and the discipline to follow it then you can become a successful trader.

What Does The E-mini Bonds System Do?

My system attempts to predict the next ‘micro-trend’ in the price of the 30-Year Bond future. I use these predictions to place trades, with the goal of making a 2-tick profit each day.

Instead of trying to explain it, see the system in action for yourself – check out some live trades on my blog.

What You Need To Start Day Trading For A Living

I want to make it clear that day trading is difficult. However, like any skill, it can be mastered with practice. To start day trading for a living and become successful you will need:

  • A system to follow
  • A trading plan
  • Discipline
  • Dedication to practice

I can help with the first two items – the last two are up to you!

How Much Does The E-mini Bonds System Cost?

The cost of my system is $495. I believe it is priced very reasonably compared to other systems out there. Some systems are priced in the thousands, and often make you pay extra for an indicator to help you trade! The cost of my system covers everything including a permanent licence for my indicator. No hidden or on-going charges.

I trade for income, so selling my system is secondary to that, hence the low price. Trading involves risk and requires discipline – I would feel bad charging a lot when there’s no way I can guarantee your success, since I cannot control your level of discipline or make you practice!

If you make a good start with my system it will pay for itself! If you trade three contracts and successfully make two ticks’ profit a day for three days, you will have already recovered the cost of the system!

With my system you get:

  • A library of in-depth training videos to learn my system. Also included are videos on futures trading basics, money management, my trading plan and NinjaTrader basics.
  • A permanent licence for my indicator (for NinjaTrader 7 or NinjaTrader 8)
  • On-going e-mail support



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