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What You Will Learn: Course Overview

Module 1: Unlocking the Real Power of Your Emotions

In Module One, you will:

Discover how to take your life and business to new heights by simply learning how to understand and leverage your secondary emotions
Find out how to master your “alchemy of emotions” for a more balanced, centered and purpose-driven life
Learn what “emotional equations” are and how to use them to successfully manage your inner world
Discover how to unlock the real power of all your emotions with Plutchik’s Wheel
Learn the secret to overcoming despair, especially during these tough economic times
Find out how to use “meaning making” tools to enhance and improve your life
Module 2: Traversing Your “Negative” Emotions to Catapult You to Success

In Module Two, you will:

Learn how your emotions – positive or negative – are contagious and discover why understanding this is so important to your success
Learn how to recognize, understand and release regret
Find out exactly how to overcome the debilitating effects of jealousy
Uncover the secrets to overcoming anxiety with Chip’s “Anxiety Balance Sheet”
Explore how your relationship to expectations can transform your life
Understand how to identify and respond to the early signs of your most detrimental fear-based emotions
Module 3: Identifying the Emotional Ingredients for Personal and Professional Excellence

In Module Three, you will:

Uncover why it’s so important to understand the difference between Happiness and Joy and how to significantly increase both in your life
Find out how to take advantage of the “momentum of victory” and ride the ripple effect of positivity throughout your life
Learn how to effectively manage your fear while dramatically magnifying your courage
Discover a proven formula that leads to abundance in your business, relationships, and personal life
Find out how to tap into your innate Curiosity such that it can fuel extreme creativity and beneficial innovation in all you do
Learn how to identify the emotional ingredients that create a wholly authentic life and find out how to leverage these for personal and professional excellence

Module 4: Setting the Emotional Thermostat to Transform Your Business and Work Relationships

In Module Four, you will:

Discover how to influence both your internal life and your external success
Examine how to lead powerfully by setting the thermostat of the group around you
Learn how to dive deeper into fulfilling your deepest desires for meaning and purpose
Understand how to begin living your true life’s calling
Explore how to move beyond challenging emotions like envy and narcissism in the workplace
Unlock the emotional equations for positive emotions including Integrity and Wisdom
Module 5: Creating Your Ultimate Emotional Equation to Empower You for Life

In Module Five, you will:

Learn how to more masterfully connect your physical sensations with your emotions for greater self understanding
Discover how to create your own meaningful equations for the 700+ emotions yet to be “computed”
Create a highly-charged and personal “emotional mantra” that can empower you for life

Using the Art of Enchantment to Change Hearts, Minds and Actions
Bonus Audio Dialogue with Business Guru Guy Kawasaki

Enchantment, as defined by bestselling business guru Guy Kawasaki, is not about manipulating people. It’s about transforming situations and relationships. Enchantment converts hostility into civility, and civility into affinity. It changes the skeptics and cynics into the believers and the undecided into the loyal.

Enchantment can happen during a retail transaction, a high-level corporate negotiation or a Facebook update. And when done right, it’s more powerful than traditional persuasion, influence or marketing techniques.

During this bonus interview with Chip Conley, Guy will explain your goal is not merely to get what you want, but to bring about a voluntary, enduring and delightful change in other people. By enlisting their own goals and desires, by being likable and trustworthy, and by framing a cause that others can embrace, you can change hearts, minds and actions.

In the 1980s, Guy was the chief evangelist for Apple (yes, that was his internal and external title). He’s a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist and one of the best connected businesspeople in Silicon Valley.

The 9 Essential Practices of Peak Leadership
A 5-Session Course with Chip Conley (downloadable MP3s and transcripts)

If you are an entrepreneur, executive, manager, change agent or simply want to be a leader who can inspire success, this program gives you the essential skills for “PEAK leadership.” Developed by Chip Conley, this toolkit has proven to work at every pyramid.jpgorganizational size and in every industry, helping to grow some of the most successful companies in the world.

In this powerful program, you’ll learn to be a transformational leader that others love, respect and trust. This will allow you to attract better talent, retain them and grow them into the kind of leaders who can grow your business for you. These skills are the single most important skills for success as an entrepreneur just starting out or a leader of an established company. You will discover:

How to create sustained growth in your organizations or teams
The key to honing your ability to move between being a transactional leader to being a transformational leader
How to create the conditions for people to live their callings – essential for breakthrough organizational success
The secrets to serving your customer’s higher needs, which builds sales and loyalty
How to measure and apply the value of intangibles (the most important asset in the 21st century) in a way that leads to success
The key ingredients for creating a sustainable foundation for effective leadership (and great happiness)
A comprehensive operating manual for business grounded in leading-edge psychology


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