eReflect – Ultimate Memory Software 2011 + Bonus



eReflect – Ultimate Memory Software 2011 + Bonus

English | 1 Software – MSI, 9 CDs – 179 MP3s, 18 ebooks – PDF | 1.0 GB

We created Ultimate MemoryTM Software because we saw firsthand what a big difference a powerful memory can make to someone’s life and career. No matter what position you are currently in, this information applies to you. You’re going to learn how to double your memory power, always remember the things you learn, and develop a powerful memory for anything you choose to remember.

You’ll easily double your memory power so you can:Never again be embarrassed by forgetting a name or face
Quickly memorize thousands of detailed facts on any subject
Memorize text such as quotes, scriptures, and speeches exactly as written

Never forget a password or security code
Ace every exam while spending half the time studying
Never forget where you put something
Keep your mind young and alert
Easily remember complex sequences of numbers, locations, facts, and more
Never be left blank during a speech or presentation
Learn foreign languages with ease
Tackle age-related memory loss head on
Absorb everything you hear in meetings or conversations “like a sponge”Chances Are, Your Memory Has Already
Let You Down Many Times This Week

Whether you realize it or not, your memory is the “heart and soul” of your talent, skill, and intelligence.

Everything you do, say, learn, and accomplish relies on your memory at the deepest level.

Nothing you do would be possible without your memory….and the better your memory performs, the better you will perform at almost everything you do.

Something as simple as forgetting a name might make you look silly in a social situation. But that’s just the beginning. An under-performing memory will lower your grades, ruin your work performance, stress your relationships, and possibly even make you look foolish and incompetent.

That’s Why We Created Ultimate MemoryTM

Improving your memory is the most important investment you can make in yourself. With Ultimate Memory, you’ll easily double your memory power in just two weeks. This means remembering twice as many names, studying in half the time, easily remembering facts, figures, numbers, passwords, languages and more.


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eReflect – Ultimate Memory Software 2011 + Bonus