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Do you get bored of rewinding and fast-forwarding your favorite MMA instructional videos to discover the one technique you want to learn? Are you tired of watching the same slow-motion breakdown of the technique? Do you wish there was more technique and less talk? The wait is finally over.

Erik’s new 5-DVD package, “The CSW Essentials Series,” allows you to quickly access the method you wish to learn. This series will provide you with the following:

Takedowns off the Punch- Erik will teach you how to quickly take your opponent to the ground. Erik demonstrates effective and proven jab, cross, and hook entry and takedowns, as well as strategies to build up your shot and essential drills to strengthen your transitional abilities, in this DVD.

DVD 2: The Plumm- The Plumm was formerly the most ignored aspect of combat training, but not anymore. Erik demonstrates how to operate from this crucial position, including head control grips, transitional positions in the plumm, striking from the plumm, and escapes.

Pummeling- As Erik puts it, “If you’re not pummeling, you’re not grappling.” In this DVD, Erik teaches you the fundamentals of grappling by demonstrating how good pummeling may help you control your opponent without being controlled. Erik deconstructs pummeling into its basic components: head, neck, chest, bicep, wrist, and leg pummeling, as well as essential pummeling activities to develop your abilities.

Guard Passes for Vale Tudo- You will undoubtedly find yourself in your opponent’s guard, no matter how good your stand-up is, and you must be prepared to get out as fast as possible. Erik discusses a comprehensive arsenal of passes that you may use into your ground game in this DVD.

Attacks from Position- This DVD focuses on attacking your opponent from every imaginable position. Erik demonstrates how to use the v-armlock, straight armlock, and fist choke to integrate, administer, and transition your strikes. This DVD covers not just technique mechanics, but also how posture and transitions may build up assaults that will end your bouts.

This is the DVD package you’ve been looking for: a comprehensive collection of ESSENTIAL mixed martial arts techniques captured in high-quality digital video and shown by one of the world’s greatest MMA teachers.


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Erik Paulson – CSW Essentials