Erle Montaigue – Dim-Mak Intricacies Series


Erle Montaigue – Dim-Mak Intricacies Series

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Contrary to popular myth, the original purpose of dim mak was not the training of assassins. It was an intensive study of the medical arts that incorporated the martial arts, and its ultimate goal was to heal, not to destroy. True to the intent of the ancient Chinese masters, here is an undiluted, holistic study of dim mak as both a martial and a healing art. Included are a historical overview of dim mak and Traditional Chinese Medicine, discussions of the physiological mechanism and medical risks of acupoint strikes, an indepth introduction to the classical 36 Chamber training program traditionally used to teach dim mak and detailed analyses of the medical and martial applications of each of the acupoints on the 12 main meridians,About The AuthorErle Montaigue was the first Westerner to be granted the degree of “Master” in taijiquan and dim-mak. In 1995 Erle was invited to study with Liang Shih-kan, the leader and “keeper” of the now almost extinct forerunner to taijiquan, the Wutan Shan System of Boxing, thus becoming the only Westerner and one of a handful of people to be taught the nine qi-disruptive methods. He serves as head of the World Taiji Boxing Association (WTBA), which has schools in more than 30 countries. He is highly regarded internationally as one of the leading instructors of the internal martial arts, NOTE – DVD COVERS AND DISC SCANS ARE INCLUDEDMTG29 DIM-MAK INTRICACIES:
Vol. 1 B Level: Advanced Run Time: Approx 140 mins Gain the adverse Qi and how to put it in to cause the most damage. Multiple dim-mak applications are shown with directions. Dim-Mak Intricacies
Vol. 2 Level: Advanced Run Time: Approx 90 mins Shows not only the points, their healing effects & their dim-mak effects, but also multiple strikes and their effects. Dim-Mak Intricacies
Vol. 3 Level: Advanced Run Time: Approx 103 mins How the ‘large San-Sau’ should be done at its quickest pace. How to use GB 22 is a knock out and drain energy
VOL. 4 Level: Intermediate Run Time: Approx 100 mins Fa-Jing, the engine of dim-mak and the internal arts is covered Also dim-mak and the psychology of fighting.Vol. 5 Level: Advanced Run Time: Approx 96 mins Learn about revival and emergency points. The Dim-Mak Claw. Multiple points and their effects and more. TIMES


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Erle Montaigue – Dim-Mak Intricacies Series