Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge by Keith Krance



 Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge by Keith Krance

Price $199

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et’s Build ONE Good Ad Together and Accelerate Your Business …TOGETHER!


(The Games Begin on Jan. 6th, 2020!)

BONUS: Immediate Access to 

Everlasting Ad Online Intensive:

BONUS: Get Instant Access to Our Brand New 

Everlasting Ad Masterclass: ($99 Value)
How To Use The New Social Selling Method DISRUPTING Direct Response, Brand Advertisers, Content Marketers & Viral Video Marketers…
Replicate the same unique ad to start turning STRANGERS into CUSTOMERS 24/7, without constantly posting new content and managing hundreds of Ad Sets JUST to survive!

Part 1: The DNA Code a Social Media Super Ad that runs Forever without Burning Out.

-Part 2: The 3-Step Process for creating “Everlasting Ads” on demand. (Without needing a pro copywriter or an expensive viral video production team…)
-Part 3: How Using The Everlasting Ad Creates Building Blocks To You Can Add Layers To Your Ads That Enable Them To Last YEARS…
  • ​You’re having a tough time getting organic reach…
  • ​You aren’t getting consistent results with Facebook and Instagram ads…
  • ​Your ads are getting disapproved too often (or your accounts are being shut down)…
  • ​You ARE having some success but you’re not able to scale predictably or consistently without conversion costs going through the roof…
  • ​Your ads burn out after a few days, or a few weeks…
  • ​You are burning through agencies or consultants and nobody can run ads at a profit for you…
  • ​You ARE an agency, consultant or freelancer, and you’re churning through clients and don’t know why.  You WANT to attract those ‘next level’ clients, but you’re not sure how…


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Everlasting Ad 21 Day Challenge by Keith Krance

$199.00 $25.00