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Expert Boxing – Advanced Boxing Workshop

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for balance, footwork & punching power!

The Advanced Boxing Workshop is now for sale! I’m releasing over 2 hours of footage from my live boxing workshop on advanced boxing techniques. You can now see all the techniques, drills, and exercises I shared with the boxers that day.

Find out exactly how I improved their balance, footwork, and punching power in only 2 hours!


Check out footage from the “Advanced Boxing Workshop”


“Advanced Boxing Workshop” recorded footage


  • 120 minutes of instructional video — raw recorded footage from my live boxing clinic demonstrating and explaining advanced fighting techniques on balance, footwork, and punching power!
  • BONUS CONTENT — I have included another 3 hours of footage from my recent workshop JUNE 2013. See 30% new content, new camera angles and higher quality video!
  • NOTE: this is a digital download — you will receive an instant access login in your email after purchasing. No DVD or physical materials will be mailed to you. The videos can be watched from your computer, converted to iPad, or burned to DVD.


Advanced boxing techniques taught in the workshop

The workshop covers only advanced technique. This is not an instructional for those wanting to learn the basics. It’s an in-depth view into how the body works, how it balances, moves, and naturally generates power. The instruction was designed for serious boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, or coaches with an interest in learning world class footwork and punching technique.



Learn the secrets to balance and footwork used by the world’s best dancers. We’ll be doing the same drills I learned while training under my brother—Brian Nguyen—a world renowned tango champion. (FYI: did you know Muhammad Ali trained in ballet?)

First you’ll learn how to train and activate your ‘balancing’ muscles for better footwork. Then I’ll show you some advanced footwork tricks. You’ll find there is more to grounding yourself than simply bending your knees and lowering your center-of-gravity!



  • how to stand solid like a rock but move with the grace of a classically trained dancer
  • how to block punches without being pushed back
  • how to move around the ring without getting tired
  • how to move like a cat, slick and powerful (yes, there is a way to learn this!)
  • how to move your feet quickly without upsetting your balance
  • how to bounce in & out THE CORRECT WAY (slicker & more energy-efficient)
  • the difference between a push-walker and a pull-walker
  • slick step-drag technique
  • tricky footwork moves like: the “fast pivot” and the “one-legged bounce”
  • special drills and exercises for developing your balance muscles
  • …and much more!

***Note: these are NOT the typical skipping drills you did in football practice!


Become the HARDEST PUNCHER in your gym!


In addition to the principles you’ve learned for fighting footwork, you will learn how to ground yourself for incredibly solid punches. First, we’ll break down the body mechanics behind the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Then, we’ll learn how to generate maximum rotational power (HINT: it’s not as simple as moving every part of your body).

I’ll demonstrate the key punching mechanics and show you how to load a punch from the INSIDE of your body. Once you know how to move your body, I’ll review some little-known secrets to DOUBLE YOUR PUNCHING POWER IMMEDIATELY.



  • how to throw a real step jab (the commonly referenced but notoriously misunderstood – “falling step” technique made famous by Jack Dempsey)
  • how to throw deadly left hooks (even while popping your body up OFF the ground, a la Mike Tyson)
  • how to throw killer right crosses without having to “load” the punch
  • the proper way to “dig” an uppercut
  • how to throw fast flurries WITHOUT having to think about handspeed
  • how to punch non-stop without getting tired! (yes, it’s actually possible)
  • how to generate maximum rotational force WITHOUT using all of your energy
  • and much more!

Learning the truly essential skills of power punching will allow you to throw powerful punches even while using less effort and less technique!


(Day 1 of the workshop was  a success!)

Compliments from boxers that attended live

The workshop was undoubtly well worth the 2 and half hour drive. I would consider the training methods and instruction top notch world class. The second hour with the power punching blew my mind. I really felt more powerful than I ever felt before. The adjusments and little details and inputs you guys give us were making a dramatic difference instantly. I was always considered a good hard puncher but the 2 hour workshop took it to a whole other level. It made me more excited and motivated too keep training and learning new stuff.

The website and articles are a gift in the internet. Im glad I paid $50 and drove through LA traffic from San Diego because the 2 hour experience with Johnny and his crew was priceless. Any aspiring fighter would be foolish to pass up an opportunity like Johnny’s boxing workshop.

— Thair

The workshop was awesome! I learned a lot of details about advanced footwork, how to punch harder, and how to conserve energy. My favorite technique was how to conserve my energy by breathing more efficiently. It really helped and I can already feel the difference while I was shadow boxing today. Johnny is a great teacher and really knows his stuff.

My footwork and body mechanics have definately improved since I learned how to control the ground with my feet and also the hip and back drill. My fighting experience in boxing is novice level but I’m a grappler gravitating towards MMA.

— Sam

Thanks again for the workshop on Saturday. I thought it was great! Excellent workshop and would highly recommend for any level boxer. It was a very interactive and hands-on experience, where a lesson/concept was explained/demonstated followed by a short drill where participants could practice executing the techniques. Johnny would take time to focus on each person and give personalized advice based on what he saw in each person’s technique.

My favorite techniques were in the first half of the workshop on balance and footwork. I felt that these ideas and concepts shed a different light on how to improve movement. Johnny’s demonstrations of moving the head, hips, then legs was an excellent example of how and where our movement really comes from. Moving/punching using the core was also my favorite.

You totally delivered. This workshop shed a whole new light on how to execute basic techniques more efficiently and effectively. I was able to come away with a lot of new concepts and information…. stuff I will definitely keep in mind as I continue to train. I plan to practice the drills we learned, and am confident it will make a big difference in my learning process.


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Expert Boxing – Advanced Boxing Workshop