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Expert Boxing – Advanced Footwork

Salepage : Expert Boxing – Advanced Footwork

Develop a slick explosive footwork for fighting. Hold your ground and throw punches with more power than ever before. Move with catlike agility and razor-sharp quickness. Develop rock hard muscles in your legs and core. Out move all your opponents!

I and my brother Brian (dance champion), share the secrets to dancers footwork training in this special 10-day intensive training program. 4 hours of instructional video and a 24-page workbook to improve your footwork skills.

Learn OVER 100 special footwork drills dancers use to develop core and leg strength, improve balance awareness, and move their feet with blinding speed, power, and precision!


Want amazing balance and slick footwork?

  • CATLIKE BALANCE – hold your ground with superior technique and stronger leg muscles!
  • FASTER FOOTWORK – attack and escape with blinding speed!
  • INCREASED PUNCHING POWER – stronger muscles and improved movement technique increases punching power!


Why would a fighter want to train like a dancer?

Dancers have the best balance and footwork of ANY ATHLETE in the world. They train 10 hours a day doing nothing but balance and footwork. Imagine a typical ballet dancer trained from the age of 4 for absolute perfection. By the time he is 18, he is leaping through the air, spinning on one foot, and making it look easy. Hours of stretching, brutal exercises, intense footwork drills, and superhuman displays of speed and power.

You may be shocked to know great boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, and today’s Vasyl Lomachenko had a dance background. Mike Silver (boxing historian and author), mentioned in his popular book “The Arc of Boxing“, that the perfect body for a boxer was that of a dancer’s, with long smooth toned muscle. As a fighter, you might not care to wear tights and spin 10 times in a row, but you might want to know how dancers trained. What techniques did dancers use for such great balance? How did they develop those huge calves? What special footwork drills did they do all those years in training?

It’s no secret that classical dance training can be the hardest type of physical training in the world. A dancer’s body is completely sculpted from head to toe for smooth, powerful, and seemingly effortless movement.


Watch some videos of my former dance teachers:

  • Ivan Terrazas – old video of his INCREDIBLE foot strength
  • Gabriel Misse – INSANE foot speed and precision
  • Brian Nguyen – watch my brother FREESTYLE on the street
  • there are dozens more I haven’t listed…


The PROBLEM with typical boxing footwork drills

The footwork drills you see in boxing gyms and MMA gyms today are flat out ineffective. The majority of them are too easy or simply not organized in any logical manner. Where are the drills for stretching? Where are the drills for developing balance awareness? And finally, where are the drills for developing muscle conditioning and coordination?

All you see now is shadowboxing, jump rope, ladder drills, cone drills, and maybe some hip-twisting running exercises and that’s it. Footwork drills nowadays are too simple, too boring, and STILL don’t teach fighters how to balance and move their bodies. There is no systematic way to develop and challenge their bodies to move better.


Today’s footwork drills are still missing:

  • Awareness drills – how to develop great balance awareness and control of your neutral axis.
  • Complete conditioning of the legs – not just calve muscles and agility drills (missing internal leg muscles)
  • Lack of slow motion work – to increase control and coordination, rather than simply raw speed & power
  • Do not target “footwork muscles” effectively


What’s in the “Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters” training program?

You’ll get access to a comprehensive 10-day training program with 4 hours of video. You’ll learn many new footwork techniques, exercises and drills each day to completely transform your lower body and improve your fighting footwork! This is a proven training routine used by dancers for generations.



You’ll finally have completely developed leg muscles for increased leg strength, coordination, and control throughout a wider range of motion. You’ll get access to an advanced training routine for superior balance awareness and rapid footwork skill development. You’ll develop a stronger and MORE FUNCTIONAL core to generate MORE POWER IN ALL BODY MOVEMENTS.

You’ll stand heavier, move faster, and punch harder!


Access to a dance champion’s knowledge

You will get access to one of the greatest resources in footwork training through my brother, Brian Nguyen, the USA TANGO CHAMPION. He has trained with the best in the world and won numerous dance competitions with his footwork skill and ability. He is a highly-regarded tango dancer and performer around the world. He charges over $100/hr for private lessons and is always booked in every city that he visits.

And Brian Nguyen will be sharing his secret drills and training methods in this special course. You will learn…NOT 10…NOT 20…but OVER 100 FOOTWORK DRILLS. Brian and I will start you off slow with the fundamental techniques and basic exercises (Days 1,2,3). Then work our way up to the more intense exercises (Days 4,5,6,7). And finally, we’ll finish with the impossible exercises (Days 7,8,9,10). You will get technical demonstrations and theoretical explanations every day.

*** See my brother Brian Nguyen’s dance performances – VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 ***


This special footwork training is HARD.

The drills and exercises are ridiculously hard, and painful. This course is not intended for the casual fighter. If you don’t even like jumping rope, this course is not for you! I recommend this training only for serious athletes or people with a rabid curiosity.

The average person won’t even get past DAY 5. If you’re looking for a challenge and really want to take your footwork to the next level, this will give you the best footwork in the gym!

The 100+ footwork drills range from simple, to complicated, to hard, to painful, to the impossible. Many of you reading this will NEVER be able to do all of them. But nonetheless, your footwork speed, precision, and agility will improve tremendously if you put in the work.

If you can survive these workouts,

fighting footwork will be easy.

“Dancer’s Footwork for Fighters”


  • 4 HOURS of video — 240 minutes of instruction broken down into a 10-day training program. Learn the secret techniques and over 100+ special exercises to improve your fighting footwork!
  • 24-PAGE workbook— all the footwork drills, key balance tips and techniques, listed in a helpful PDF. Print it out, follow along, and make notes.
  • ALL YOU NEED IS SOCKS — it’s ideal to have dance shoes and a smooth floor but you can do many of these drills on any indoor surface with socks on.
  • THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT — no physical materials will be shipped. You will instantly receive a member login in your email after purchasing. The videos can be viewed from your computer, converted to iPad, or burned to DVD.

Here’s what you get…

INTRO – equipment and warm-up

  • a rundown about OPTIONAL helpful equipment
  • how to use a stick and resistance bands for footwork training
  • how to maintain your body with a foam roller, stretching, foot massage ball

Day 1 – developing axis awareness

  • how to stand straight and find your neutral axis
  • increase core presence using hip & leg position
  • using the calves to connect to the ground
  • increase leg strength, sharpness, and coordination
  • strengthening the core while in movement
  • breathing technique for body movement
  • becoming heavy for balance

Day 2 – developing axis control

  • warming up the hips and calf muscles
  • moving your axis with balance
  • exercises for calf strengthening and feet coordination
  • holding the core while in the air (jumping exercises)
  • how to develop “active feet”
  • 2 simple tips to develop balance awareness (throughout your day / when you’re not training / outside of the gym)

Day 3 – basic body movement and feet activation

  • slow movement footwork techniques (increase body awareness)
  • using the heels to increase grounding and step strength
  • using the toes to increase control, changing direction and speed
  • how to turn the body with control, power, and relaxation
  • using the upper body to help the lower body

Day 4 – leg strengthening and hip stabilization

  • advanced slow movement footwork technique (increase strength & balance)
  • moving in geometric patterns (maintaining balance while pivoting)
  • staying heavy in movement
  • controlling weight change (to prevent falling)
  • stabilizing the hip during movements

Day 5 – feet and core strengthening

  • strengthening the “gripping muscles”
  • how to “lift” the body up and down (without losing the core)
  • footwork drills stressing the core
  • coordination jumping drills
  • using the core to move and stabilize your body

Day 6 – foot speed and explosive footwork

  • advanced footwork drills (speed, power, precision, core control)
  • raw speed drills (maximum speed footwork exercises)
  • explosive footwork drills (speed and power)
  • painful calf footwork exercises (working all sides of the calves)

Day 7 – leg strengthening, balance and coordination

  • one-legged footwork drills (strengthening the standing leg)
  • one-legged pivot drills (core and foot strengthening)
  • two-legged pivots (balance and coordination)

Day 8 – core strengthening, speed, and power

  • advanced pivoting drills (controlling the free leg during pivots)
  • slow pivoting drills (increase strength and control)
  • core-twisting exercises (insane core strength, speed, and power)
  • understanding how to use the core twist
  • the best kinds of core exercises

Day 9  – advanced balance and coordination

  • advanced core drills
  • advanced spinning drills

Day 10 – really REALLY HARD STUFF


PS: Got questions about this footwork guide? Leave a comment below or send me an email and I’ll answer it right away.


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Expert Boxing – Advanced Footwork