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EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading

EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading

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– Learn to trade with us in our live trading room
If you’re new to trading and want to learn to day trade the Forex markets, this is perfect for you. Even if you’re an experienced trader looking for more guidance, again we can help.

The EzeeTrader Day Trading package comes in two parts;

Part one is where we give you over 20 hours of video showing our strategies on CD-ROM direct into your PC.

Part two is once you’ve watched all the theory and content, you receive 6 months free access to our live online trading room. No matter where you are in the world, you simply access the room online and listen to and see Kym and Charlie navigate through the trading day.

All our day trading members have the content so that they can refer back to all our theories whenever they like. But, the real power comes from seeing it all happen in real time in the live trading room!

Our members can log in at anytime of the day, for as long or short a period of time as they like. Kym covers the European morning session and Charlie covers the U.S. morning session and some U.S. afternoons especially on key news days.

So there’s generally either Kym or Charlie on their headset speaking to you from roughly 7.30am each morning through to 5pm each afternoon (U.K.) Monday to Friday. The room remains open beyond those times and our members happily chat among themselves too!

This is a screen shot of our on-line trading room. You can view the room using most browsers and from a specific app on mobile devices.

The content

Once you have secured your membership, you will be posted The CD-ROM’s with all of Kym and Charlie’s methods and strategies on.

There’s over 20 hours of video content so take your time to watch through it all.

Within the content, you will learn;

An understanding of price behaviour.
A mix of strategies you can apply to different markets during different cycle phases.
How to test your setups.
To be able to deal with the emotional side of trading.
How to set up your charts with the methods we teach.
How to place trades.
The importance of risk and trade management
Competition winning setups!

The trading room

The power of the trading room is that you get to see everything being applied live!

Watching Kym and Charlie as they analyse and live trade helps traders grasp all they key aspects of trading; risk management, position sizing, trade entry, trade management and trade exit.

The room is also a great community of people from all backgrounds and destinations.

Some members are great communicators in the room, asking questions, discussing setups or helping others, whereas others prefer to sit back and watch. Whatever you feel is right for you will be just fine with us.

Generally, Kym and Charlie trade the FX markets but they will take trades on indices and commodities at times too.

Remember, trading can be a lonely thing to do and without live mentors, you will be susceptible to making some pretty nasty mistakes. The room is a fabulous community which has a lot of fun, plus being part of something helps many traders overcome the lack of interaction they suffer when on their own.

No wonder some of our members have been with us for over 10 years!

We have some testimonials below but first, here’s the deal….

For all the video content which totals over 20 hours of material which includes 6 months free access to the trading room (£75 a month after that to continue) it comes in at just £997 plus VAT.

Remember, you are learning strategies that have won competitions and used in the $10k to $100k challenge!

There’s no magic potion that will make you an instant millionaire, but we can get you on the correct path to profitable trading….


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EzeeTrader – Ezee Day Trading