F.I.G.H.T (Haganah) Complete Series


F.I.G.H.T (Haganah) Complete Series

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Description: Producers: Mike Lee Kanarek, Randy S.
Proto Format: Special Edition, ColorRegion: All RegionsNumber of discs: 7Rated: UnratedStudio: HaganahUSA/IDFS, IncRun Time: 480 minutesThis is the complete Haganah Library program you’ve seen advertised in Black Belt and talked about on television and newspapers nationwide! NEW AND DIRECT FROM HAGANAH-USA! It is a comprehensive 7 DVD, 1-decal set that includes the complete F.I.G.H.T.series, Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting series, and Ground Survival Series.

Former Israeli Special Forces Commando Mike Lee Kanarek teaches you everything you need to know to stop attackers dead in their tracks.

It doesn’t matter if they are armed, bigger than you, or more skilled.

This is what the Israeli military teaches its Special Ops teams, turning ordinary civilians into devastating hand-to-hand combat fighters.

It is all you need to survive just about anything the world can throw at you.

Best of all, you don’t need tremendous strength or ability to get capable.

The Knife Fighting series shows and tells in instructional format how to win and what will make you lose in a knife fight.

He also shows why you should always carry a knife (when permitted by law).

It is very comprehensive and includes: Concepts & Principles, Strategy, Deployment, Footwork & Timing; Stances, Grips, Strikes – types & form, Angles of attack & targets, Movement & combination attacks, Basic attacks & counter attacks, Advanced Tactics, Using two knives, Multiple attackers and much, much more.

The Ground Survival series shows you how to survive a fight that goes to the ground.

It covers defending and attacking from the ground, maneuvering on the ground, positioning, defending against both street fighters and grapplers, weapons defenses from the ground and much more.
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F.I.G.H.T (Haganah) Complete Series