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Facebook Masterclass (Q3) by iStack

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Whether You Spend a Thousand Dollars a Month or a Million, This Training Can 10X Your Results

Facebook is the world’s most powerful advertising platform. Its user friendly interface makes it simple to run basic and generally effective campaigns. This ease of use means most people just scratch the surface of what’s possible with Facebook Ads.

The Facebook Master Class goes deep into every aspect it takes to create million dollar campaigns on Facebook whether your focus is affiliate marketing, agency, small and medium business, or ecommerce (Shopify).

Never before, has there been a more comprehensive collection of advanced level strategies, tactics and applied case studies available to students.

You Get: 6 Weeks of Training, Case Studies, Cheat Sheets and Results

The Facebook Mastery Challenge (FBMC) is a 6 week course featuring over 40 videos, several handy reference guides, walkthroughs as well as actual case studies showing Adbaker’s amazing results.

The FBMC is released over 6 weeks on our platform, but once you’re a student, access is yours to keep.

Read on to discover the amazing value we’re offering with this course including: Live Chat Mentoring, Bonus Acceleration Modules, discounts from handy tools and more.



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Facebook Masterclass (Q3) by iStack