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“How Find And Flip Properties Anywhere In The USA Using Only Your Cell Phone And Laptop…

Make Plenty Of Money… And Enjoy A Quality Lifestyle with Plenty Of Freedom and Time.”

I’m giving you access to the various systems I personally have in place that run my entire real estate business like a well-oiled machine. Just imagine, when you model your real estate business correctly, like MINE:

  •  You CAN get started without using your own cash or credit…
  •  You NEVER have to “qualify” for a bank loan…
  •  You DON’T need to put up any of your money for down payments or deposits…
  •  You’ll FIND plenty of motivated sellers that are invisible to your local competitors…
  •  You NEVER have to personally meet with any buyers or sellers…
  •  You DON’T need to know anything about inspecting or repairing the property…

And the best part of this is that you could run this entire business from your laptop from anywhere and have it almost run without you…

Here is everything you get today

Choose the best real estate market for rapid success

  •  In less than 5 minutes you’ll know if your market is a dud or a winner
  •  Should you start in your local market or “virtual” market
  •  How to dramatically increase your chances for success

How to find the MOST motivated sellers in your market

  •  Find the most motivated sellers in your local market
  •  The specific lists, criteria and sources of sellers that my most successful students use to find deals
  •  In as little as one hour you could have these sellers in your hand

Find the hungry cash buyers

  • Step by step instructions on how to find the best cash buyers in your market
  •  You only need a few of these to get you started on the road to success and I’ll show you how to find them
  •  You’ll never have to worry about getting your deals sold

My complete postcard marketing system for buyers and sellers

  •  Complete FREE reprint & usage rights to my powerful and trademarked “magic postcards”
  •  You get FREE reprint & usage rights to my other secret weapon: “The Investor Buyer Postcard”

My proven recorded message scripts

  • Word for word scripts build credibility and rapport with buyers and sellers BEFORE you speak with them
  •  Both buyer and seller scripts included (and audio files)
  •  Automatically sift and sort your leads so that you only have to speak with the most motivated prospects

Speak with buyers and sellers like a PRO

  • You’ll get to use my proven “Seller Lead Script” designed to build rapport and get you the best possible price
  •  You never have to worry about getting stuck and not knowing what to say.
  •  No hard selling or convincing required

Analyze deals correctly and make the right offer every time

  •  How I Determine The Value Of A Property That I Have NEVER Seen Before
  •  Determine the value of ANY property in under 15 seconds (even if you’re a rookie) using my proprietary “braketing” and “roi method” techniques
  •  You Don’t Need To Know Anything About Repairs Or Done A Deal Before

Selling your deals and getting paid

  •  How to sell deals that you’ve never seen and know nothing about repairs to investor cash buyers you’ve never met.
  •  Step by step process for transferring these deals to your investor buyers
  •  Find a deal today and get paid in as little as 2 weeks.



Chris Chico is considered the very first investor who perfected the art of virtual wholesaling. Virtual wholesaling is when you gather leads and close deals despite being far from the location of the property. His website serves as a gateway to educating beginners and veterans in the real estate investing industry on the art of virtual wholesaling. Chris is a strong advocate of maximizing social media as the number one source of leads over other traditional real estate marketing strategies.


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Flipanywhere Academy by Chris Chico