FMA – DeezNutz Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Super Pack


FMA – DeezNutz Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Super Pack

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A DeezNuts Release

The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali System Training Series by Tuhon Tim Waid is the
most comprehensive and advanced video training reference available on
the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia system and the Filipino Martial Arts. This
collection features the complete 1-6 Pekiti-Tirsia training series:(1)Footwork System of Pekiti-Tirsia NEW
UPDATED RELEASE of The FOOTWORK SYSTEM of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. Tuhon Tim
Waid again presents the most detailed training instruction of the
Pekiti-Tirsia system of Footwork ever offered on video. Master the 12
Methods of the Footwork System with dynamic combat application explained
included are Weapon Striking Mechanics and the Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia
Footwork System Training Methods that will train you to protect yourself
from strikes and attacks, and, Enter, Bridge, and Attack your opponents
from Long Range into Close Quarters. The information and knowledge
contained in this DVD is unparalleled and unprecedented in release.(2)Single Sword and Impact WeaponIntroducing
the TRAINING SERIES of the PEKITI-TIRSIA KALI system, Tuhon Tim Waid
presents the most detailed training instruction of the Pekiti-Tirsia
system ever offered on video. This DVD is ideal for the beginner through
Advanced Instructor as it provides clear, concise instruction in the
authentic system of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. This DVD covers methods 1-6 of
the Doce Methodos system with Solo Kalis/Baston, or Sword and Impact
Weapons. Instruction includes the Technical Forms of each method
demonstrated in real speed and slow-motion for precise learning, Combat
Drills executed with dynamic striking and footwork, and Full-Contact
Sparring application of combat tactics and techniques. Advanced
instruction on this DVD includes LIVE BLADE close-quarters technical
sparring, advanced Contradas drills, and in-depth training and execution
of the advanced drills of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system with precise
striking, bridging, entering and close-quarter finishing attacks. BONUS
VIDEO features rare, classic, never released video of Grand Tuhon Gaje
teaching the Abecedario system.(3)Single KnifeThe
definitive video training resource on the Pekiti-Tirsia Knife system is
now available. Tuhon Tim Waid again presents the most detailed training
instruction of the Pekiti-Tirsia system ever offered on video. This DVD
delivers the authentic Single Knife/Solo Daga system in the proper
system progression of Attacks, Close Quarters Counter-Offense (Knife to
Knife Tapping system), and then presents advanced instruction in
bridging, entering, and finishing tactics and techniques. Tuhon Tim Waid
executes all attack techniques with the Live Blade and instructs how to
properly develop fast and powerful strikes and precise control of the
live blade in close quarters. Combat Offense and Counter-Offense drills
are then taught while executing real attacks with effective bridging,
tapping, and trapping tactics and techniques. All tactics are then
effectively executed in real sparring. This DVD clearly demonstrates the
actual speed, timing, power and range required to protect oneself from a
close quarters knife attack, and, how to effectively attack, bridge,
and quarter the opponent. Advanced tactics show counters for knife to
knife trapping techniques and principles of advanced attacks.(4)Double SwordTuhon
Tim Waid presents the authentic Double Sword / Doble Baston system of
Pekiti-Tirsia. Demonstrated and instructed with LIVE DOUBLE SWORDS, this
instructional DVD will show you the precise training methods to master
the powerful tactics, techniques, and attacks with Double Swords and
Double Baston / Impact Weapons. Basic instruction in Chamber Positions
progress to all of the Attacks from Doce Methodos 1-6. (Single and
Double Fluid Attacks, Broken and Fluid 6, Thrusting Attacks, Upper,
Broken, and Lower 8, X-Attacks, and more). You will then be instructed
in skills that cannot be found on any other instructional DVD – how to
effectively Attack, Bridge, and Enter into Close Range with the
Contradas system of Double Weapons, and how to train to use each single
Sword and Stick independently. Learn the exact Attack methods used at
Long Range and then the most effective Bridging and Entering Attacks
with the Triangular Footwork system. Go beyond the basic equal striking
patterns and learn true combat skills with Double Swords and Impact
Weapons, then see the results of training with Full-Contact Sparring
applications.(5)Pangamut/Dumog/Empty-HandsTuhon Tim
Waid instructs the Authentic “Hand Blade” system of Pangamut /Dumog
from the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system. You will learn how the Striking,
Bridging, and Close-Quarters Finishing tactics and techniques from the
single and double Knife system transfer directly into the Empty-Hands /
Pangamut / Dumog system. Learn true Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques
with proper speed, timing, power and most importantly, the Footwork
system. Begin with the Attack system of the Slap, Hack, Elbow and Finger
Jab and then the six (6) principle Kicks of the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
system. Learn how to protect yourself against real attacks with
effective Counter-Offense techniques and then how to Attack and Bridge
from Long Range, Attack the opponents Guard, and Finish your opponent(s)
with close-quarters strikes, beaks, locks and throws based upon the
close-quarters knife system. Authentic Dumog is then instructed with
strikes, control, and throws across the neck of your opponent so you can
finish and then engage other multiple opponents. The Mano y Daga or
Empty-Hands against Knife system is then instructed to give proper
protection skills and then bridge into effective close-quarters
counter-offense and Trapping / Counter Trapping tactics, techniques, and
skills.(6)Espada y DagaTuhon Tim Waid reveals the
true Fighting Skills and Training Methods of Espada y Daga / Sword and
Knife. You will not find this authentic and advanced instruction and
training of Filipino Martial Art Espada y Daga presented anywhere, by
anyone. Demonstrated and instructed with LIVE Sword and Knife and Baston
y Daga, this instructional DVD with show you the training methods to
master the precise manipulation, coordination, and attacks with Live
Espada y Daga for combat application. Instruction begins with an
introduction to the Strategy and Tactics employed with and against
Espada y Daga. Detailed instruction in the Basic and Advanced Diagonal
Attacks system, Jabbing Attacks with the Daga, Transition Attacks, and
Bridging Long range to Close Quarters. Advanced Tactics include the
first ever video presentation of the Espada y Daga Contradas system
attacks. All instruction is presented with real dynamic combat
application, following with advanced instruction in attacking the
opponents Daga with Broken attacks, Bridging with the Centerline Thrust,
and attacking the Daga at close range. Tuhon Tim Waid then shows
exactly how Espada y Daga is trained in the authentic Pekiti-Tirsia
system and the Filipino Martial Arts. You will not see static drilling
with little or no footwork, fake feeding attacks at false ranges, or
unrealistic wrapping and trapping of sticks and knives. You will learn
how to manipulate, attack and finish your opponent with Live Blades of
Espada y Daga.PLUSDVD1A – ADVANCED FOOTWORK and Lost Secrets of Filipino Martial ArtsThis
instructional DVD will show you how to (1) protect yourself from all
strikes and attacks, (2) Counter-attack your opponent and reverse their
forward movement, and (3) attack on continuous forward (centerline) and
reverse (flanking) triangle angles of footwork that put you in the
position to strike the weapon hand and continue through close-quarters
finishing strikes. This real, functional knowledge of the Triangle
System of Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali and true Filipino Martial Art
presented by Tuhon Tim Waid is now available. You will not find these
methods, tactics, and techniques anywhere else, through any other
source. You will learn the systematic progression of Offensive and
Counter-Offensive Footwork that you will be able to train, develop, and
execute dynamically and successfully against single and multiple
opponents.MILITARY PTK-CQC Close Quarters Combat System – Two (2) DVD SetThis
Two (2) DVD set will instruct and train you in Close Quarters Combat
tactics, techniques, and skills to effectively close with and destroy
enemy forces with Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, Empty-Hands, Tactical
Firearms, and any field expedient weapon found on today’s battlefield.
This is the ONLY combatives system in existence today that fully
integrates all individual combat weaponry (Bolo, Knife, Bayonet),
Empty-Hands, and Tactical Firearms into a complete system using the same
tactical techniques to Kill the enemy in Close Quarters Combat. Filmed
at the Philippine Marine Corps Special Operations School, with
active-duty Marines selected and attending the Force Recon Qualification
Course, and presented by Tim Waid, Master Instructor of the
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system. Tim served in the US Marine Corps as an
Infantry Platoon Sergeant, and developed the Military PTK-CQC System for
the Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) Force Reconnaissance Battalion in
1998. This system is now the Official Combatives and Martial Arts System
of the Philippine Marine Corps and instructed through PMC Training
Manual 2007-01.Plus video no longer in circulationClassic Strategic Knife Defense course for LEO by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, Jr.Classic PTK Demonstrations from the 1970s & 1980sThe Student and Instructor manuals are also included in PDF format.


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