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Foolish Wisdom by Joseph Riggio

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“I teach people to wake up to their true gifts, to become adults in a world of children … to set the direction for their lives despite the overwhelming imposition of others and the world-at-large that suggest they do otherwise … to make the changes necessary to instigating transformation leading to having the experience of YOUR life.”

Starting at the beginning we’ll spend time unwinding the bad learning that prevents most people from living their life fully … manifesting who they are destined to become. We’ll examine your ways of perceiving the world and making sense of it. You’ll begin open to new experiences beyond what had been possible prior to engaging in the Foolish Wisdom workshop.

You’ll begin seeing and hearing how others communicate beneath the surface, at their core where they formulate ideas and the desires they have. Your communication will change too, moving from being processed purely as disembodied mental constructs to fully formed body-based expressions.

The essence of the Foolish Wisdom workshop is contained in the way you will become familiar with yourself in an embodied way once again … before the two days together are complete you will know what it is to be whole. Just as significantly others will experience you in new ways as well … on the journey toward becoming a Wise Fool you will become irresistible.

Here are some of the steps youll experience along the way in the Foolish Wisdom workshop:


The First Step: Awakening (to who you are),
i.e.: somatic awareness & full sensory acuity

The Second Step: Developing Directionality, i.e.: intentionality

The Third Step: Systemic Awareness, i.e.: becoming contextually present

The Fourth Step: Radical Honesty, i.e.: acceptance of the elusive obvious

The Fifth Step: Assuming Full Responsibility, i.e.: creating/manifesting your life experiences

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Foolish Wisdom by Joseph Riggio