Forex Trading – Beginners Course by Karen Foo



Forex Trading – Beginners Course by Karen Foo

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Forex Trading

Beginner’s Course To Becoming A Top Trader


Forex trading course for beginners who have no background in finance or the forex markets. If you are a beginner forex trader and want to learn the basics and understand the commonly used terms, strategies and tactics, then this is the course for you. Also, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick system or holy grail, this course is not for you.


No prior experience or financial background needed

Strong desire to succeed!

Passion for the Forex markets

Not for people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme

What Will I Learn

Basics of Forex markets

How to use indicators the correct way

How to drastically minimize your risk

Kickstart your journey to becoming a Forex trader

How to become a successful Forex trader

Suitable For Who

Aspiring traders looking to get started in Forex Trading

Working professionals looking to trade Forex to generate additional income





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Forex Trading – Beginners Course by Karen Foo

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