Frank Pucelik – NLP Practitioner Training 2013



Frank Pucelik – NLP Practitioner Training 2013

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Frank Pucelik

NLP Practitioner Training 2013

Frank Pucelik – trainer with world name, who contributed to the field of study and modeling of success opportunity and personal achievements in professional activity together with the founders of NLP John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

At present, Mr. Pucelik has been working in the CIS for more than 15 years already. For 14 years in a row (1983-1997) he was in the list of 100 best USA business-trainers, who had been working for the Organizational Management Institute of American Chamber of Commerce. He is a profoundly-thinking trainer, brilliant performer of authors programs in consulting, conducting trainings at relations psychology. Mr. Pucelik is professor of International Business Relations department of Oklahoma University. Author of the world-known books: “The Magic of NLP Demystified”, metamorphous Press – 1982, Lake Oswego, Washington, USA, “The Magic of NLP” 21st Century Press – 1994, Saint Petersburg, Russia, “Reality Wars”, Barbarous Press – 1997, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Course «NLP-Practitioner» is designed for all, who interacts with people and those, who would like to understand themselves better. NLP – is a new technology and methods of practical psychology for personal and professional growth and development.

Main tasks:

Personal growth

Developing observational skills

Control over emotions and states

Learning techniques for conflict solving

Effective defense from manipulations

Getting rid of bad habits and phobias

Participants of the training will be able to sharpen their perception, learn to see true intentions and needs of different people, concealed with their behaviors; quickly gather, structure and distribute accurate information; expand negotiation techniques.

In general, this course is aimed at mastering effective communicational strategies, control over personal emotional states, developing creativity, learning ways for solving conflicts and recover from depressions, optimization of the processes of achieving personal and professional results, mastering models of systematic and strategic thinking.



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Frank Pucelik – NLP Practitioner Training 2013

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