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 Freedom and Resolve by Gangaji

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Have you hungered for an authentic spiritual opening that allows you to expand into freedom and ultimate truth – while also walking your worldly path with grace, clarity and resolve?

If so, it may be your time for a deeper level of awakening in which you truly discover yourself as that which you seek and begin to live from a total embrace of the moment.

The truth is that you are already a beautiful and unique facet of a dazzling diamond that is filled with light, wisdom and love.

Your essential nature is boundless and free… which even includes the parts of you that feel trapped, small or confused.

There’s a subtle way that most of us on a spiritual path actually create more suffering for ourselves by resisting or trying to change the parts that appear less conscious, free or aware.

This sets up a subtle split in our being where parts of us are the “good” parts and other parts are the “bad” parts that we are trying to jettison from our lives.

The truth is that we are all of these things, from the most expanded and exalted state to the most depressed and contracted state. Seeking only after the higher and more expanded dimensions is a recipe for frustration rather than freedom.

Real freedom is found in the total embrace of what is: the expansive light and the deep darkness, the profound beauty and the devastating grief, the feeling of coming home and the feeling of being lost.

When you search after only the feeling of limitless love as so many spiritual seekers do, you are creating a contraction within the totality of your being that can leave you feeling isolated from the truth that you are seeking.

This tends to keep your identity wrapped around a small and tight core and leaves you feeling more exhausted than free.

The antidote to this tendency to grasp for something that you already have is simple:surrender.

As we surrender into ever deeper levels of presence and ever deeper levels of acceptance of whatever is arising in our experience, we reconnect the fibers of our being into the magnificent tapestry that is already present.

We awaken into the truth that we are already home, already free, already whole.

As this happens, you remember that you are always held in the arms of a vast and universal love, even when you feel most alone.

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have taught us that we have forgotten our true nature and become lost in lesser identities.

We become convinced by these limited identities and forget the core of who we are, which is unconditional freedom.

But you CAN remember, reclaim and rejoice in this deeper wisdom. You CAN come home to your Self. You CAN be enveloped in the warm embrace of Truth.

As you learn to truly relax into the fullness of your experience, the roots of fear and doubt begin to dissolve away.

You may hear these words and be skeptical about experiencing such a spiritual realization. You may have had openings before, but eventually returned back to depressing old habits. That is completely normal and part of the ebb and flow of true spiritual awakening.

But you can make a permanent shift to knowing your Self, as many have done before you.

This deep, lasting relaxation into your true nature doesn’t instantly transform all of life’s challenges. Navigating family, business, community and the world’s suffering still requires clarity, focus and discernment.

Most of all it requires “resolve,” which is another way of saying that you will remain focused in your intention to navigate your life with full awareness, presence and commitment without adding unnecessary attachments, expectations and demands.

When you marry the freedom that comes from embracing life with unconditional acceptance and the focused precision of resolve, you are then able to engage life fully, even passionately, while letting go of polarizations, splits or divisions.

With resolve and freedom, you can create your life from joy and move through your days with peace.

You are not passive but fully engaged and moved by the spirit of love. This is the state from which revered saints and sages have traversed the world. From the depths of their surrender, they know the truth of spiritual freedom as well as the importance of right action.

So how can you make this shift become real?

While there are no guarantees about when this shift will happen within you or anyone, you CAN create the circumstances in which you can release your old beliefs, unravel your old habits of striving and open to a deeper awakening.

And that is what the Freedom and Resolve course with Gangaji will provide you: a loving path of wisdom that leads you to remove false ideas and open to a genuine spiritual awakening.

During the 7 modules, you will learn how to, moment-by-moment, embrace ALL aspects of your being. You will learn the power of true surrender, the real path to grace – and the ecstatic truth of your identity.

You will learn to drop judgment, open to the unknown and expand your sense of trust.

You will be called to arrive HOME and then to engage your life from a place of deeper resolve.

The Power of an Authentic, Awake Teacher

The Freedom and Resolve program is led by a remarkable female mystic who underwent a life-changing spiritual awakening that shifted the core of her being – and eventually led her to catalyze deep awakenings in many others.

Her name is Gangaji, and her life offers a uniquely modern story of awakening that builds upon the lineage of Ramana Maharshi and her guru Papaji, while also expanding their teachings in accessible, contemporary directions.

Gangaji’s teaching methods marry a luminous capacity for clear discernment with an overflowing, loving presence, which inspires a level of comfort that helps you to release your aversion to any aspect of yourself or any state of consciousness.

She abides in the Self beyond states, which creates a sense of full acceptance of what is arising. Just from being in her presence, this recognition can transmit gracefully to you.

In this 7-module course, she will guide you in shedding your conditioning and false identifications that obscure the truth of who YOU really are, and then help you approach your life path with greater resolve.

This course revolves around and deepens the core teachings in Freedom and Resolve: Finding your True Home in the Universe, her latest book.

In the course, she will offer you a distinctly modern perspective on non-dual realization that leads to the discovery of new dimensions of grace – and the possibility for you to embody and engage everyday life from a deeper ground of being.

At The Shift Network, we are grateful to offer this program with Gangaji, who has done so much in recent decades to free us not only from worldly conditioning but also from spiritual conditioning, which can keep us polarized against parts of ourselves and quite stuck.

During the 7-module journey with her, you’ll be able to relax into a larger field of grace – feeling the healing balm of unconditional love AS yourself – and learn why so many of your efforts to improve, grow and evolve leave you unsatisfied.

By learning to let go of your habits of resistance, you can become receptive to awakening at a deeper level than your mind.

In the space beyond your normal strategies for living, you can discover thatstrength, clarity, wisdom and love are abundantly present – allowing you to meet life’s personal and collective challenges with spiritual maturity, clarity and resolve.

During the course, you’ll learn:

  • How to realize the freedom and fulfillment that is here now, even without changing your circumstances
  • Ways to penetrate the patterns of misidentification that create personal suffering
  • To recognize the true meaning of surrender (It’s not resignation!)
  • What it means to be true to who you are, even when facing the greatest challenges of your life
  • How to directly experience the causeless fulfillment at your core and embrace the responsibility that naturally arises within you
  • How you go to war with yourself and others, and how you can stop the war at any time
  • The true capacity of your heart to face all emotional and mental storms
  • What it means to be both fulfilled and responsible in relationship with yourself and others
  • Ways to trust yourself as who you truly are
  • How your attempts to transform yourself often backfire as a form of self-rejection
  • Why the impulse to seek the Divine takes you out of the receptive state and how to allow more and more of the Divine presence to open within you
  • How to truly relax into realization, rather than chase after special states
  • Ways to identify the negative stories you tell yourself and how to let them go

With Gangaji’s loving guidance, you’ll learn how to stop your internal war and be fully present to life – a life that includes all parts of your being.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational program, Gangaji will guide you through the fundamental recognitions that you’ll need to surrender to the truth of who you really are – which will, in turn, shift your experience of everyday life into a daily practice of awakened presence. She will share her own realizations on her journey of self-discovery and guide you into recognitions that lead to a lasting sense of peace and fulfillment.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to jump more fully into your life without resistance.

Module 1: The Essential Mistake: What About “Me?”

After sharing her essential teaching, Gangaji speaks to a common mistake: misidentifying ourselves as our thoughts, emotions, bodies and circumstances. Gangaji shares how our narrative of our life, whether it is relatively positive or negative, becomes a painful trap.

Module 2: Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering – Part 1: Survival

Following our investigation of the story of “me,” Gangaji brings us into an examination of how the story continues to be perpetuated. In recognizing the patterns of how we misidentify with our thoughts and emotions, we can end our personal suffering. In Part 1, we take a closer look at the fundamental desire to survive and what that means in our daily lives.

Module 3: Ending Our Patterns of Unnecessary Suffering – Part 2: Sex & Personal Power

“You know how to get food. You know how to get shelter. You know how to get sex. You know how to get personal power. And you know that if your attention is fixated on that you can never get enough.”

In Part 2 of our examination of unnecessary suffering, we will dive into aspects of two particular survival drives, sex/procreation and personal power.

Module 4: The Avoidance of Surrender

When we identify why we avoid or postpone true surrender, we see past the murky depths and recognize our real fears. In this module we inquire into what it is we are protecting? What we are defending? What we are trying to save?

Module 5: True Surrender & Resolve

“If you surrender to the truth that no phenomenon can touch, you are free.”

Surrender is usually associated with loss. In this module, Gangaji speaks to the freedom of surrender – when you are willing to be who you truly are.

Module 6: You Will Be Tested, Be True to Yourself

The nature of phenomena is simply to come and go. In this module we examine our strategies surrounding gain and loss. What comes and goes? What doesn’t come and go? And finally, what does it take to be true to yourself?

Module 7: The Choice is Yours: What Do You Really Want?

In our final session, Gangaji returns to the first pages of Freedom and Resolveto explore our choices and free will. What will our lives be about? What do we really want, finally? Gangaji unabashedly invites you to be free, to be yourself without hesitation and doubt.



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