Functional Strength Coach 7 by Mike Boyle



 Functional Strength Coach 7 by Mike Boyle

Functional Strength Coach 7 – Change is Good, You Go First

Mike Boyle will deliver the 7th in the Functional Strength Coach series on Sunday April 28th.

As the title says, change is good and Mike has become known for learning, changing and adapting.

2018 was a big year for sports performance changes at MBSC so, 2019 was a logical choice to do the next installment in the series.

The seminar will focus on the MBSC system with special emphasis on the changes in the speed and power areas. Topics will include ( but, not be limited to) linear speed development and power development as well as changes in the MBSC progression regression system.

Unlike most of the other FSC series the last 2 hours will be devoted to practical demonstrations of the linear speed changes over the previous year.

Enrollment is limited to the first 25 sign ups.


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Functional Strength Coach 7 by Mike Boyle