Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.5-6


Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.5-6

Salepage : Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.5-6

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John Danaher Has Shown The World How To Enter His Elite Submission Systems: Now His Prize Student Garry Tonon Shares The Secrets To Exiting All Of Them Undamaged.

Garry Is The Most Exciting Grappler On The Planet – Because He Fears No Submission, He Knows How To Escape Anything – Over 5 Hours Of Content
Learn the exact evasion techniques and methods that Garry employed against some of the most lethal fighters on the planet, including Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares (aka Paul Harris), Gilbert “Durinho” Burns, and Vinny Maghales.
John Danaher is proud of Garry not just for how well he performs, but also for how well he teaches.
Garry is one of the most intellectual minds alive, and his explanations are as clear as John’s – this is the most thorough Submission Grappling Escapes Video ever recorded.
Become more deadly from all sides

Volume 5:

kata gatame (darce anaconda) – Introduction

Front Headlock

Inverted Kata gatame/Darce

Standard Kata Gatame / Anaconda Strangle

Mounted Kata Gatame


Figure 4 Body Lock Escapes

Volume 6:

heel hooks – Intro

irimi / Standard Ashi Garami

Outside Ashi Garami

50 / 50

Inside Sankaku / Inside Heel Hook


Sit-Out Escape

Rotational Escape



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Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.5-6