Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.7-8


Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.7-8

Salepage : Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.7-8

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John Danaher Has Shown The World How To Enter His Elite Submission Systems: Now His Prize Student Garry Tonon Shares The Secrets On How To Exit All Of Them Unscathed

Garry Is The Most Exciting Grappler On Earth – Because He Fears No Submission, He Has The Answers To Escape Anything – Over 5 Hours Of Content
Learn the same escaping protocols and strategies that Garry used at the highest levels of competition against some of the most deadly fighters on Earth like Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares (aka Paul Harris), Gilbert “Durinho” Burns & Vinny Maghales
John Danaher takes pride not in only how well Garry competes, but also how well he teaches
You will experience one of the most conceptual geniuses alive in Garry and you will get explanations as clear as John’s – this is the most comprehensive Submission Grappling Escapes Video ever made
Become more dangerous from everywhere

Volume 7:

toe holds – Overview

Single Leg Toehold Escapes

Double Trouble Toehold

KNEE BARS – Overview

Single Leg Knee Bar

Double Leg Lat Knee Bar


Volume 8:

omoplata – Overview

Knee Wedge Escape

Step Over Escape

The Roll Through Late Escape



Front Headlock

50 / 50

Juji Gatame

Trap Triangle

Back Attack

Full Guard



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Garry Tonon – Exit The System Vol.7-8