Gene Simco – Easy Techniques for Self Defense


Gene Simco – Easy Techniques for Self Defense

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Gene Simco – Easy Techniques for Self DefenseRunning Time: 145 mins Format: DVD MOVIE IN EASY TECHNIQUES FOR SELF DEFENSE Gene Simco demonstrates an assortment of effective self-defense techniques that any one can apply in threatening situations.
With an easy approach to self-defense when physical confrontations are unavoidable you can train yourself in an automatic instinctive reliable response to virtually any form of attack.
This easy approach does not require size strength or speed.
It requires you to use your brain and practice constantly.
This lesson includes a supplemental segment on techniques for law enforcement and other professionals which they use to subdue and restrain their attackers as well as defend themselves.
Reviews of Amazon: 5.
0 out of 5 stars The first time I have seen a minimalist approach to defense in a high stress environment, using a few simple techniques for multiple attacks and focusing on applications for different types of athletic abilities.
A realistic attitude was presented in admitting the unpractical-ness of elaborate techniques presented elsewhere, and due seriousness given when dealing with armed attacks.
Overall, Mr Simco is friendly and patient with his instruction, with good video editing, use of effects and camera work.
My compliments to Mr.
Simco’s assistant Nick, who patiently endures being the ‘punching bag’ in the demonstrations! Beware of the choppy start of the video and be aware of the law enforcement focus of the 2nd half of the video,’restraining techniques’ if a private citizen.
A refreshingly honest and useful presentation!”Excellent flow patterns.
Functional, reliable techniques.
“This is exactly what I was looking for.
Simco shows some awesome wrist locks with great explanations.
The DVD was a success because I watched it with a partner and followed along.
I converted many of them into one-step sparring techniques that look pretty sharp.
I am very pleased with this self-defense DVD, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable about the subject material and it is a no nonsense DVD that gets right to the heart of strategy.
Great tool!”



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Gene Simco – Easy Techniques for Self Defense