Geoff Thompsson – Pavement Arena Series


Geoff Thompsson – Pavement Arena Series

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Pavement Arena :
Volume 1 : Adapting Martial Arts for the Street This DVD is the first in the series of hard-hitting self-defence videos.
The title is taken from the book of the same name by Geoff Thompson and gives the real truth about close quarter combat.
Line-ups, the one punch KO, close impact, fear control and power kicking.

Pavement Arena :
Volume 2 : The Protection PyramidThe Protection Pyramid.
This DVD contains the complete theory on self-protection and shows how to deal with multiple attackers.
Street scenarios, threat awarness, the red letter syndrome and clips from real fights are all included.
If you have the first in series do not miss this release.

Pavement Arena :
Volume 3 : Grappling – The Last ResortGrappling – The Last Resort.
Being apple to grapple is an integral part of any self-defence training.
This video starkly reveals the necessity of grappling and shows a variety of chokes, locks and throws.
We show you how to beat the kicker, puncher and street fighter.
Most fights will, if not over in seconds, become a grapple.
Know how to win when it happens.

Pavement Arena :
Volume 4 : Fit to FightFit to FightWinning a street fight is not only a matter of skill and knowledge.
You must be strong, fit, aggressive and have developed a ‘no lose’ mental attitude.
This video will show you how to train for that mental and physical effect.
We show you different types of fitness, how to train, with what equipment and numerous drills and techniques to develop aggression and the will to win.
This video is an essential ingredient for the ‘pavement arena’.



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Geoff Thompsson – Pavement Arena Series