George Xu – Six Harmony Hsing-I Chuan


George Xu – Six Harmony Hsing-I Chuan

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George Xu; Henan Hsing Yi 10 animals ENGLISH

Part 1.
George Xu presents a Hsing-I form (2 1/2 Ba set) based on movements patterned after 10 animals.
Xu, who learned the form in Shanghai from Shen Shao Pu, demonstrates the form and then gives the 10 animals’ characteristic movements.
There are basic training exercises and repetition of segments of the form three times each in sequence.
Many applications for the various movements are given in many combinations in slow and actual speed.
The form is then repeated.

Part 2.
In this set, called “The Eagle and Bear Fight for Survival,” George Xu demonstrates the form and individual movements for the 10 animals for this internal martial art.
The form is taught through repetition of sequences several times, including different angles.
The 10 characteristics of Hsing-I are described.
There is a section giving applications of individual movements.
George Xu (Xu Guo Ming) started martial arts training in 1966 with Zhu Hong Bao, in the three Muslim styles in China: Xing Yi 6 Harmony, 10 Animal Cha Fist, and Chi Shu 7 Postures.
Following that he studied with Zhang Qing Lin, a Snake Bagua Master, in this very unique system.
He studied the Lan Shou System with Qing Zhong Bao; Cotton Fist with Yang Tian Gui; Chen style Taiji with Shuong Guang Ren, a student of Chen Xiao Quai; Yang style Taiji with Shi Wen Deu; and Xing Yi Master Yu Hua Long.
His boxing teacher, Zhang Li De, was the undefeated Middleweight Boxing Champion from 1951-57.
He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in Mathematics.
In 1981, he came to the United States and began a long career of teaching and bringing Chinese masters not only to the United States, but also exposing the art of high level practitioners to Kung Fu enthusiasts worldwide: Zhou Yuan Long, Chen style; China Heavyweight Champion Liou Wan Fu (full contact); Ye Xiao Long, Lan Shou Master, Yang style Taiji Master; Ma Hong, Chen; Wang Hao Da, Wu style (student of Ma Yueh Liang); Lu Gui Rong, Wu Hao style; Qian Zhao Hong, Xing Yi; Wang Zhi Qiang, Yang; Yun Yin Sen, Liu He Ba Fa; and Ji Ah Dong, Yang styleTaiji.
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George Xu – Six Harmony Hsing-I Chuan