German New Medicine Tutorials 1-5 by Caroline Markolin



 German New Medicine Tutorials 1-5 by Caroline Markolin

Salepage : Caroline Markolin – German New Medicine Tutorials 1-5




with Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.


The GNM TUTORIALS encompass GNM research material that Caroline Markolin
has presented in Canada until June 2011.


In her efforts to make her valued teachings available to a global audience,
we are now offering the recordings of these GNM Seminars as online GNM TUTORIALS (5 in total).


Caroline is also available for personal Q&A Skype Meetings. For pertinent details, click here.


COST of online viewing (no time-limit)
The GNM Tutorials can also be ordered individually.


You can order the online
GNM TUTORIALS by clicking on the cart icon.
A receipt will be emailed.
These GNM Tutorials are not physical DVDs nor are they downloadable items such as email attachments. Our GNM Tutorials are to be viewed ONLINE, with a unique user name and password access that you may purchase.
They never time out!


GNM TUTORIAL ONE to FIVE explain each organ-related Significant Biological Special Program in detail. You will learn how specific biological conflicts (DHS) manifest during the conflict-active phase, which symptoms are typical for the healing phase, and what has to be expected during the Epileptoid (Healing) Crisis. The teachings also emphasize the practical and preventive aspects of GNM with many examples.


In order to become familiar with the basic principles of GNM as well as with the GNM-specific terminology, we recommend that you begin your studies with the Five Biological Laws as the foundation of German New Medicine.


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German New Medicine Tutorials 1-5 by Caroline Markolin