Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4



Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4

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How to be energetically aware and in command of dating, love, sex, and relationships, as well as the hidden energies that frequently disturb and undermine them. These are secrets that NO ONE teaches and that personal development experts come to me to discover for themselves. Don’t date or approach another female until you’ve learned these amazing secrets that will give you an unfair advantage in relationships and dating.

Learn the untold truth about sex and relationships, as well as how to avoid mistakes and LVE hazards.

Learn the depths of your sex drive’s influence over you and how to regulate it so that it does not dominate you.

Learn how to energetically and emotionally prepare yourself for a good HVE relationship and sex life.

Learn a complete energetic profile of female energy, including the good, terrible, and ugly.

Identify your own personal concerns that are impeding your desire for a sex life and relationship.

Discover and comprehend the true meaning, power, and direction of sex, love, and relationships.

Theme of the

Level Four of Energy Transformation

Learn how to prevent your body’s sex urge from taking control by becoming aware of how desire affects the primitive man.

Learn the powerful’sex transmutation’ technique to recycle and redirect your sexual energy.

To broaden your HVE, learn the ‘energetic breath’ number 3.

Discover your sexual history and how the LVE has shaped your thoughts about sex and relationships.

Level Four Advantages

Transformation of Energy

Discover the truth about birth trauma and how our interactions with our mother figures may cause LVE in relationships with people of the opposite sex.

Discover how to detect and clear your parents’ blueprints, as well as how this impacts you.

Learn how your fear of death affects you and how to start overcoming your dread of death.

Learn how to use the ‘HVE connection line’ technique to immediately connect to higher energies.

Learn about the three sorts of relationships: short-term, long-term, and permanent, as well as the energy characteristics of each.

Recognize trauma in your romantic and sexual partners, as well as how their previous relationships may effect you.



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Glenn Ackerman – Energy Awareness Training Level 4