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Gold Medal MShioda Gozo (1915-1994) was one of the first students of Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of Aikido and founded Yoshinkan Aikido in 1956.
One of the greatest Aikido practitioners ever.
This is the complete 10 video Yo-According to the National Education Association, 160,000 kids miss school every day in the U.S.just to avoid a bully.
-According to the U.S.Secret Service, the majority of school shootings have been linked to cases of excessive bullying.
-Studies show that adults who were bullied as children have higher levels of depression and lower self-esteem than those who weren’t.
-All DVDs are in Region 1 format and were designed to be compatible with all Region 1 DVD players.
For the first time ever, the child-teaching process used by the Gracie Family for three generations will be available on DVD! In this ground-breaking instructional series, Ryron and Rener walk you, step by step, through the EXACT process that their father used on them, between the ages of 4 and 14, so you can prepare your child for life the Gracie way – all in the comfort of your own home!Disc 1: Parent Preparation CourseNot only is Gracie BULLYPROOF the first self-defense instructional DVD series exclusively for kids, but it is the only instructional DVD series that is specifically designed to teach you, the parent, how to teach your child.
On disc 1, Ryron and Rener teach you everything you need to know to build your child’s confidence and ensure the success of the Gracie BULLYPROOF program in your home.
Sample Clips from Disc 1-Transfer Teaching – Video-The Most Common Mistake -Video-The Critical Challenge -Video-The Critical Connection – VideoDisc 2-3: Gracie Games™In the beginning, Rorion didn’t teach his children Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, he “played” Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
Using a series of 10 playful jiu-jitsu games, Rorion engaged his children in the learning process while informally introducing them to the fundamental principles of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
All 10 Gracie Games are featured on discs 2 & 3.
-Gracie Game 4 – Crazy Horse -VideoDisc 4: Rules of EngagementOn disc 4, your child will learn the definitive rules regarding the use of their techniques as well as the Verbal Jiu-Jitsu strategies that will enable them to take as stand against persistent verbal bullies.
By introducing your child to the Rules of Engagement before they learn the Jr.
Combatives techniques, you will ensure that they do not abuse their power, and you will give them the confidence that they will not be reprimanded in the event that they ever have to use the techniques in self-defense.
Sample Clips from Disc 4-“Verbal Jiu-Jitsu” – VideoDiscs 5-9: Jr.
Combatives™Only after they fell in love with the fun aspect of the art, did Rorion begin teaching his children, the 33 highly-effective non-violent techniques featured in the Jr.
Combatives course.
By teaching these techniques to your child, you will dramatically increase their ability to defend themselves and, more importantly, boost their confidence so dramatically, that they are less likely to be targeted by bullies.
Disc 10: Belt Testing ProcessHere at the Gracie Academy, belt promotions are used to indicate progress and to keep kids excited about the learning process.
Through a revolutionary Video Evaluation Process, your child will be able to demonstrate their skills and qualify for official belt promotions from home! On disc 10, the process is broken down in detail and Roran Gracie (10) demonstrates the complete white-yellow belt testing procedure.
Bonus Course Along with your collection, you will receive the Gracie KidSAFE™ Child Abduction Prevention Course on DVD absolutely free! In six powerful mini-courses the Gracie Brothers empower your children with straight talks on the most common ploys used by kidnappers as well as the specific strategies they used as kids to avoid falling prey to the ultimate kidnapper – drugs.
This information alone may save your child’s life!Sample Clips from Gracie KIDSAFE DVD-Drug Defense – Video-All DVDs are in Region 1 format and were designed to be compatible with all Region 1 DVD players.
shinkan Aikido video series on the Fundamentals of Yoshinkan Aikido on a set of 3 DVDs.
The video set costs nearly $800.00.
This incredible set has nearly 8 hours of instruction in the Kihon Dosa, Shihonage, Ikkajo, Nikajo, Sankajo, Yonkajo, Iriminage, Hijishime, Hijiate, Kokyunage, Kotegaeshi, Tenchinage, Kokyuho, and Jiyuwaza.
It has been converted to A Videos from the channel. The videos are fighting instructionals and their diet related.
BEST PRANK EVER Bubba Gracie – YouTube [360p].mp4
BullyProofing – YouTube [360p].mp4
Coconut Piercing Process – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Academy , Rener Gracie Flying Triangle – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Academy Virtual Tour – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Bully Proof – Little Champs (5-7) – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie BULLYPROOF – Drug Defense – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie BULLYPROOF – Gracie Game Sample – Crazy Horse – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie BULLYPROOF – Prepare Your Child for Life – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie BULLYPROOF – Verbal Jiu-Jitsu – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet Apple Banana Smoothie – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet – Coco Nuts – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet – Corn Soup – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet – Grape Juice – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet – IncredibleDates – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet Acai Smoothie Contest – Official Results – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet Antioxidant Acai Superbowl (Rener Gracie Variation) – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet Fruit Picking Techniques – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Diet Smoothie – Honeydew Melon – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Games – YouTube [720p].mp4 Gracie Games 001 – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Games 003 – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Games Spider Kid to American Lock – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Arm Triangle Transfer – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Armlock Controls – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Armlock Finishes – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Back Mount with Brian Ortega – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Banana Ice Cream – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Bonus Video – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Brian gets Tasered – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – December Belt Promotions – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – DrowningTechnique – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Footlock Defense – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Gracie Combatives for Law Enforcement – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Guillotine Defense – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Helio Gracie 95th Birthday – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – How to Mount at the Gracie Academy in Miami – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Kimura Forced Variation – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Kimura from the Guard – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Mt Whitney 2008 – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Open Guard Pass – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Reverse Mount Transition – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Streetfight Guard Pass – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – The Last Secret – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – The Ryron Special Juice – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider – Thrusting Mount Escape Counter – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider August 2007 – Twisting Arm Control – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider Bonus Video Jan07-60min Renzo Gracie – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider December 2006 Technique of Month – Armlock – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider February07 Technique of Month Taking the Back – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider July 2007 – Kimura – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider June 2007 – Elevator Hook Sweep – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider June 2009 – Side Mount Triangle-Armbar Combo – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider May Technique of the Month – Footlock – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider November 2006 Technique of Month – Guillotine – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider November 2007 – Wrist Grab Counter – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider October 2006 Technique of Month – Hook Sweep – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider October 2007 – Triangle Choke – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider September 07 Technique of Month Armlock Guard – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider September 2007 – Gracies vs Mt Whitney – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider Standing Mata Leao – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider Technique of the Month – Triangle Shoulder Walk – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider TOM – Butterfly Catch – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Insider Women Empowered Tips – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu at kids’ Birthday Party – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Philosophy Powerful Principles and Egoless Sparring – YouTube [360p].mp4
Gracie Watermelon Smoothie Video – YouTube [360p].mp4
How to Win 1 Week in Jiu-Jitsu Heaven! – YouTube [360p].mp4
March Gracie Insider Technique of the Month – YouTube [360p].mp4
March Gracie Insider Technique of the Month Part 2 – YouTube [360p].mp4
Museum Tour – YouTube [360p].mp4
Parent Preparation Clip #2 The Most Common Mistake – YouTube [360p].mp4
Parent Preparation Clip #3 – The Critical Challenge – YouTube [360p].mp4
Parent Preparation Clip #4 The Critical Connection – YouTube [360p].mp4
RENER GRACIE VS JOEY – YouTube [360p].mp4
VI format and includes the English narration and subtitles only.
I was not able to get the menu’s to work so have excluded these.
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