Guaranteed IQ by Bradley Thompson



 Guaranteed IQ by Bradley Thompson

Continued: How to enjoy a higher IQ – and a happier     and healthier life!


All These Scientific Facts Reveal ONE Thing VERY Clearly…


They reveal that intelligence – or genius, or IQ – is something that can dramatically and positively change your life. And they reveal that it is also malleable, something that you can change and increase – so long as you know how to do it.


Recent studies by leaders in neuro-science and human psychology –     such as Win Wenger, Edward de Bono,     Tony Buzan, and Dr Richard Wiseman – have paved the way in developing     specific techniques that can “shortcut” the intelligence-building process.


These techniques allow anyone to begin instantly building their mental     muscle – and boosting your IQ – in absolute record-time.


Want to learn more?


How YOU Can Boost Your IQ Quickly, Easily And Effortlessly…


There’s no doubt about it. There are simple and proven methods of quickly and easily increasing your IQ – and enjoying the health, wealth and life-enhancing benefits that come with increased intelligence.


For example, want to enjoy an IMMEDIATE and SIGNIFICANT boost in     your IQ level?


One simple little lifestyle change can make it happen. This tiny     alteration was recently tested on over one million people, and     resulted in an average IQ boost of 14%.


Or, how about the fun “Image Streaming technique” – which has been proven     to increase your IQ by one point for every hour you use     it?


Or, what about the simple supplement you can add to your diet, which is     guaranteed to sharpen your mind and increase your IQ levels in just a matter     of days?


I’d like to share these powerful techniques with you over the next     couple of weeks. And by     trying them out, you’ll begin to dramatically improve your life. Not only     will you experience greater intelligence, but also more self-confidence, an     enhanced social status, increased wealth – and more.


But let me start by introducing myself…


Bradley Thompson is a #1 best-selling self-development author.            


He is the author of a dozen programs, including “Genius     Mindset” – and creator of the million-copy Subliminal Power.


His list of professional clients include the             US Army, Microsoft and Intel.


Bradley regularly updates the front page of this Web site, with his latest self-development recommendations.


You can follow Bradley and his eye opening self-development techniques by visiting             Bradley’s Self-Development Blog.


My name is Bradley Thompson. I’m the founder of the Self Help Street website, and author of over a dozen courses on the mind and self-improvement.


I’ve spent over 12 years exploring the human brain, researching and     writing books such as The Belief Secret, the     Ultimate NLP Course,     Secrets of Hypnosis,     and the Genius     Mindset.


Along the way, I’ve discovered some of the most potent (and     scientifically-validated) techniques for drastically improving your IQ.


And for the first time ever, I’ve put them all together… a collection     of extremely powerful techniques that almost anyone can benefit from…


All inside a brand new program designed to help you increase your     IQ, and tap into your inner genius.


It’s name? …

The Guaranteed IQ Course


Uncover the GUARANTEED IQ Course:

    The ULTIMATE Guide to Rocketing Your Intelligence Levels

By Tapping Into These Simple, Scientific Techniques!


Guaranteed IQ is a powerful home-study course, designed to help you increase your intelligence levels to an IQ score of 140 points or more (genius level) – all by following a few simple exercises. And that’s a guarantee!


The course is available via instant digital access, so     you don’t have to spend hours reading complicated books on neural theory.     Just hit the “play” button, sit back – and follow the material through.


Packed full of simple (and fun) exercises and     games, Guaranteed IQ shares the tricks and techniques uncovered by the     latest cutting-edge research into raising your IQ. You’ll learn how to     switch on your creative genius, and the simple daily exercises that will     leave you miles ahead of the crowd.


Inside The Guaranteed IQ Course: And Why

    It’s Way More Than Just Basic ‘Brain Training’


Inside the Guaranteed IQ course, you’ll discover a step-by-step series of     simple, practical techniques you can use each day to boost your intelligence.


These aren’t the usual “Sudoku”-style brain training suggestions you find     inside magazine articles, or featured in simulated computer games. These are     genuine techniques that you can practice at home, which have been     scientifically-proven to dramatically increase     your IQ.


That means increased intelligence. Improved income levels. A better career. More loving relationships. Lifelong health and wellbeing. And much,     much more besides.


Once you start using Guaranteed IQ, you’ll be well on the way to enjoying the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.


Remember: This isn’t a ‘tree-hugging‘ program. It’s a practical guide to increasing your IQ.


I think you’ll find the Guaranteed IQ course to be an empowering, educational and entertaining guide to boosting your intelligence and overall well-being. You’ll be inspired to re-evaluate your life, and discover just what you are capable of.


Just hit “play” – and     listen to the audio sessions.


So, let’s take time out to explore some of what

        you’ll         uncover within the Guaranteed IQ Program…


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Guaranteed IQ by Bradley Thompson