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Do You Want to Deepen Your Knowledge About Hormones?

Are you feeling you want more information about hormone issues to better help your clients?

If you feel insecure about your knowledge when you hear the word “hormones”, you are not alone. All practitioners feel that way. Hormones seem to have a mind of their own and because they trigger reactions, the range of reactions they can cause when they malfunction is intimidating.

The complex nature of hormones can leave us all feeling confused and frustrated as we try to help our clients .

But an understanding how they work from a functional medicine perspective means you can give the systems that are responsible for the hormones, what they need to function properly and then hormone misbehavior is not so much of a concern.

The Healthy Hormone Membership Program will break it all down for you and give you the details you need to feel more confident about helping clients with their hormone issues and restoring proper function.

Clients usually present one of two ways:

  • They are diagnosed with clear hormonal issues such as hypothyroidism, fibroids or prostate issues. Or perhaps they have an autoimmune thyroid or adrenal disease. These are complex, require long protocols and key supplementation as well as an effective food plan.


  • They have a list of symptoms such as digestive issues, IBS, cognitive dysfunction, mood issues and inflammatory conditions or even perhaps heart disease or cancer. You know hormones are playing a role but are not quite sure how and wish for extra knowledge to create the right protocol for your clients

The Healthy Hormone Done-For-You Program will give you the tools and support for both scenarios from a food perspective. However, if you want to deepen your current knowledge to better help your clients, no matter which scenario fits them, then The Healthy Hormone Membership Program will provide you the information you need.

It is designed to give you specific information about different types of hormones issues, discussing how the body should work plus protocol information based on my years of experience working with clients and their hormonal issues. It also includes the experience of other professionals that I have worked with. It is design for nutrition professionals so all the appropriate food, lifestyle and supplements suggestions are included.

Here is what you will receive:

  •  4 modules with over 12 hours of content
  • Work at you own pace – you have full permanent access – do it now or do it six months from now. Once you have access, you determine how and when you learn.
  • Special guide to help your client remove endocrine-disrupting chemicals from their home
  • Each module has a quiz to complete for those why want to use this program for CEUs credit.

What will you learn?

  •  The key concepts for adrenal, thyroid, pituitary and reproductive function
  • Complete explanation as to how the hormones interconnect and how they affect other areas in the body such as the liver, the digestive system and intestinal system
  • The key influencers for developing hormone issues
  • How the digestive and intestinal system affects our hormones
  • The specific conditions related to hormone problems for men, women and menopausal women.
  • Protocol recommendations for each of the discussed issues including key supplements
  • Psycho-spiritual considerations for hormone issues
  • How to focus on the aspects needed for prevention

*Fully researched including the latest studies, all taught from a functional medicine perspective

*Facebook group for posting questions and information you want to share with your colleagues

*Email access to me for any questions you have, if needed

Bonus: 2 Live Q and A sessions where we discuss your clients and case studies and even you, if you wish. Each session will have key information presented as determined by you and the answers to your questions. Dates: TBA

Let’s face it. Every client is complex and you will always have to adjust your protocols to fit the client. This is never going to change. But that means you need more options.

We do not want to overwhelm clients with supplements. It is important that that you are able to pick the best ones strategically for the specific issues the clients have.

The information provided in this program will give you the ability to feel more confident about your client issues and what options you have for recommendations. It will also support all the food information that is available in the Healthy Hormone Done-For-You program, allowing you to create the best food, lifestyle and supplements choices for your clients.



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